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Klopp keeps Dortmund grounded

Jürgen Klopp denied Borussia Dortmund had had an easy time of it at Galatasaray AŞ, saying "a couple of factors came together and it was also our night".

Dortmund celebrate victory in Turkey
Dortmund celebrate victory in Turkey ©AFP/Getty Images

Dortmund ease to a 4-0 success at Galatasaray
Jürgen Klopp denies it was "a comfortable victory"
Neven Subotić says Dortmund had to weather an early storm to take control
Cesare Prandelli says his Galatasaray side are still settling
Next games: Dortmund v Galatasaray (4 November)

Jürgen Klopp, Dortmund coach
Actually, I don't think it was a comfortable victory; it was just that the goals came at the right time. Then Galatasaray tried to make our job harder. We were well disciplined in defence and that was the key for me. Compared with our normal play, we spent more time in defence. 

I believe all our opponents in the Champions League know us as well as Bundesliga teams do. Galatasaray played well today. To be successful a couple of factors have to come together. Today they came together, and it was also our night.

We lost possession a few times in midfield, but we were very determined at the right moments. We played more vertically compared with the Köln game. On the other hand, we are far from being perfect. We won't celebrate this victory with champagne.

Neven Subotić, Dortmund defender
This is the second time I've heard "easy" today, but it definitely wasn't easy – especially in the first half because at that point it was still very even, it was a very tough game. Getting to the point where we can say that it became easy, was very hard.

Subotić: Dortmund's early effort paid off

In the first 15 or 20 minutes Gala came out really strongly and did a lot of offensive pressing. You could tell that this was a home game and they wanted to win, but with three goals in the first half we took it out of their hands and dominated after that.

The second half was really our turn to dictate what was going to happen. Getting there was definitely hard, but at a certain point it started to become a little less risky. You could tell they were trying to play it safe, not to concede any goals, and that is what made it look a little bit easy – but getting there was definitely a hard task.

We actually concentrate on defence every year. It was supposed to be our way of life; that's the game plan really, because offensively nobody needs to tell [the team] what to do. They just kind of do their own thing. What's important is that we defend as a team and we definitely did that. We need to take it into the next game and continue defending like that, as a priority, and let the guys up front be fancy with the ball as soon as we get it.

Wesley Sneijder gestures during Galatasaray's loss
Wesley Sneijder gestures during Galatasaray's loss©AFP/Getty Images

Cesare Prandelli, Galatasaray coach
Our fans were fantastic. I saw a team which was full of honour on the pitch. But we must always keep our heads high. We shouldn't be demoralised. Our aim is to win the 20th title in the history of the club. We'll be working for this. We're up against big teams in the UEFA Champions League. The club we played today was one of the teams feeding world champions Germany. We should continue working without ever giving up.

In every league, there is a different football mentality. I'm not saying that players don't understand my mentality; it just takes time to settle things within a side. For example, our wing-backs try to make forward runs in both the Champions League and the Turkish Super League. This is the mentality throughout Turkey and we'll try to change that. We'll see the improvements in time.

We played more aggresively in the second half. In Turkey, everybody is brave and positive but you need to be better organised on the pitch and have to play closer to the opposition. We did those things in the second half and Dortmund struggled. I am telling my players they should be playing further forward because when you sit back, you have the pressure of the opposition.

Selçuk İnan (right) on defensive duty
Selçuk İnan (right) on defensive duty©AFP/Getty Images

Selçuk İnan, Galatasaray midfielder
We got a defeat that we did not want or expect. So we could not prepare well for the game, we could not analyse our opponents well. We made a bad start, not what we wanted. Of course that is the Champions League, it is a competition with great players, so you need to be careful. If you are not, these results can happen.

Let's not say "wrong" but we are, in a way, searching right now; the coach says that as well. We are trying to implement a system to fit our players, to fit our team, and sometimes it fails as we saw tonight. Of course we will get over that. As I said, it is not easy to play in the Champions League. Our main target is the domestic title this year, but such defeats will have a negative effect on confidence.

Of course we still have a chance. Two years ago we had one point after three matchdays but went on to finish in second spot and eventually reach the quarter-finals. We can repeat that. If there is the slightest hope, we will pursue it. But as I said, we need to learn from the mistakes we made. We should not repeat them over and over again.

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