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Barcelona's Messi: Record is 'fantastic'

Lionel Messi described it as "fantastic" after becoming the competition's overall leading scorer, coach Luis Enrique calling the forward the "greatest player of all time".

Barcelona's Messi: Record is 'fantastic'
Barcelona's Messi: Record is 'fantastic' ©AFP/Getty Images

• Lionel Messi says "fantastic" to become competition's record scorer 
Luis Enrique says forward is "greatest player of all time"
Giorgos Donis has "total faith" APOEL can secure UEFA Europa League spot
Match report: APOEL 0-4 Barcelona
Next games: Barcelona v Paris, Ajax v APOEL (10 December)

Lionel Messi, Barcelona forward
I am very happy. It is fantastic to achieve this record in this beautiful and important competition. But besides that, it was an important match for us today and we managed to get the three points. We played a great match and managed to win, and that is what is really important today.

We want to continue what we have been doing and try to reach the objectives that we always set at the start of the season. That is what we always try to do – meet our targets. We have been trying to continue on this path. [The final game against Paris Saint-Germain] will be difficult; we played away against them and lost. They have very good players. They are a well-known team. This year they are growing in terms of playing together, and they are stronger every time. But we play at home and we will try to play a great game and grab that first place.

Luis Enrique, Barcelona coach
I am happy with our performance against tough opponents who do not concede many goals. Between now and the time we play Paris, everything can change. Now our focus is purely on Valencia [in the Liga on Sunday]. We played as we always play and everyone played well from the defenders to the midfielders to the forwards. We were better than APOEL even though they are a good side. We needed to keep up our intensity because you cannot allow them any space.

Messi joy on record-breaking night

We need to adapt to every game. We were excellent in the first half and we did not allow them any goalscoring opportunities. That is pleasing from our point of view. It is a positive that [Luis] Suárez scored and he will get many more. But he doesn't just score goals, he also helps out in many other ways. [Lionel] Messi is the greatest player of all time. He will continue to surprise us all for years to come.

Pedro Rodríguez, Barcelona forward
We will play for first place in our group at home, at Camp Nou, against Paris Saint-Germain. We are really happy with our effort and the team's victory – that is the most satisfactory thing for us.

We started the season tentatively somehow but now we are doing well physically and emotionally and have confidence. We want to stay on this path, continue just like this. The team is in great shape right now, in all aspects, and it would be great to continue like this until the end of the season.

[What do Messi's record and Suárez's first goal mean for the team] It's a great joy, a confidence boost, lots of harmony. It's really what we want for the team, to be united. Everybody is after the same objectives. We are playing at a high level now and we hope to keep that rhythm for the upcoming weeks and the new year as well.

Marc Bartra, Barcelona defender
Leo [Messi]'s records, both the Liga one and the one he achieved tonight, are a source of pride for Barcelona, to have the best player in the world. He is proving that in every match. For us, his team-mates, it's a huge joy. When we see him do well on and off the pitch and give his best for the team, it is very positive for us.

We knew we were in for a hard game at a tough away ground. [APOEL] made it difficult for us at the Camp Nou and then Paris Saint-Germain had a tough time here. APOEL always play better at their home ground, but we are in good form. We said to ourselves that if we play our football and pressure them, then we would have no problems. That worked tonight and they had no chance against us.

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The PSG match will be a good one, but tough as well. At the Camp Nou we will give everything to top our group. Every match is a world of its own. To win the maximum number of games is difficult but to try to win all competitions is what we must do. We will try to win them all and, if we play attractive football, everything will be easier for us.

Rafik Djebbour, APOEL forward
It was a difficult match from the very beginning, because of the calibre of our opponents. We were up against one of the best teams in the world and we tried to face them with whatever we had. It was difficult.

APOEL have a good defence, but against Neymar, Messi, Suárez, Pedro and all the attacking players that Barcelona can field, it is very hard to cope.

We will look to take our chances [to clinch a UEFA Europa League spot]. We still have this card to play and we can play a good match there [needing to win at AFC Ajax to finish third]. We will give everything for a victory that will enable us to continue in European competition.

Giorgos Donis, APOEL coach
We need to be realistic. Despite our efforts and performance, we knew we were up against a team on another level. The result is normal given how they played and how the game went. My players gained some valuable experience. It is one thing to watch them on television and something else entirely to play against them.

In the Champions League, we have seen many sides – teams bigger than us – fall to heavy defeats so a loss like this is not that surprising especially given the quality of our opponents. We know we have a hard game away to Ajax but we need to believe we can do the job there. But we are the outsiders and we have to accept that. I believe the players have already done what was required of them – get into the group stages and give their all in these games regardless of the results. 

It is so difficult to win away in this competition. When it is time to go there, we will go there with total faith in our abilities and fight right until the end. I hope I can enjoy another great night in Amsterdam. My opinion of Messi is the same as everyone else's opinion. He is a phenomenon. He can do so many wonderful things when he has the ball at his feet.