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Olsen keeps a lid on Danish designs

Morten Olsen refused to divulge his tactical masterplan for Denmark's opening Group B game, telling UEFA.com: "That is for the Netherlands to find out, and not for us to hand them on a plate."

Morten Olsen is keeping his plans close to his chest ahead of Saturday's game
Morten Olsen is keeping his plans close to his chest ahead of Saturday's game ©AFP/Getty Images

Denmark coach Morten Olsen recognises his side are up against it as they face a highly-rated Netherlands side in their opening UEFA EURO 2012 Group B game on Saturday, but the 62-year-old knows well enough that the form guide is no guarantee of success at major tournaments.

UEFA.com: Not long to go now before the game against the Netherlands. What can we expect to see?

Morten Olsen: It's a game against one of the tournament favourites from our point of view, so of course the Netherlands are favourites, but that doesn't mean that we are going to throw in the towel and say that we don't stand a chance. We will naturally try and grab the opportunity with both hands.

UEFA.com: What needs to happen in order for you to grab that opportunity?

Olsen: We need to be successful in our play and of course you always need that little bit of luck, whether it's a favourable call from the ref, an injury or hitting the post or not. We are not practising hitting the outside of the post, we are naturally trying to hit the inside of the post. However, we're dealing with people and sometimes you just don't have that last bit of luck you need. Against the Netherlands we might need a little more luck than we would against the other opponents in our group. But that is what we must hope for.

UEFA.com: The Netherlands have a lot of great players – are there any you will keep an extra eye on?

Olsen: We played them two years ago and it is almost the same team as it was back then, so we know that we need to watch out for a few players. But we need to keep an eye on them as a whole because they have a great team.

UEFA.com: What is going to be your main weapon?

Olsen: I have no intention of divulging that kind of information here, I believe that Bert van Marwijk is experienced enough to be able to make use of any information I might give out. That is for the Netherlands to find out and not for us to hand them on a plate.

UEFA.com: There are still some disputed places in your starting line-up...

Olsen: That's how it should be, yes. We need more than 11 players, and we do have more than that.

UEFA.com: You say that it is a positive thing that there is competition for places. Is it not difficult for the players not knowing where they will play?

Olsen: No, they know their positions. There are some players who can play two, three or four positions, and there are some who are better off in only one. So everybody knows, the deals are in place. We have some similarities among the players, but also some differences, and we need that of course. Tactically, if we change formation a player might be substituted, and a similar one might come in and play but he might have some other abilities.

UEFA.com: Does it also depend on the team you're playing?

Olsen: Maybe, but you know we are facing teams who are favourites to win; although what does that mean in today's football? Of course sometimes it does mean something, but it's not all about form.

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