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UEFA Europa Conference League first qualifying round draw

The 2023/24 UEFA Europa Conference League first qualifying round draw took place on Tuesday 20 June.

The 2023/24 UEFA Europa Conference League first qualifying round draw took place on Tuesday 20 June at the House of European Football in Nyon, Switzerland.

The two-legged first qualifying round ties will take place on 13 and 20 July.

First qualifying round draw

Group 1

Sutjeska (MNE) vs Cosmos (SMR)
Balzan (MLT) vs Domžale (SVN)
Vaduz (LIE)
vs Neman Grodno (BLR)
Ararat-Armenia (ARM)
vs Egnatia (ALB)
Torpedo Kutaisi (GEO) vs Sarajevo (BIH)

Group 2

Alashkert (ARM) vs Arsenal Tivat (MNE)
Željezničar (BIH) vs Dinamo Minsk (BLR)
La Fiorita (SMR)
vs Zimbru Chisinau (MDA)
Maribor (SVN)
vs Birkirkara (MLT)
Tirana (ALB) vs Dinamo Batumi (GEO)

Group 3

Dundalk (IRL) vs Magpies (GIB)
Víkingur (FRO) vs Inter Escaldes (AND)
Progrès Niederkorn (LUX)
vs Gjilani (KOS)
Linfield (NIR)
vs Vllaznia (ALB)
KA (ISL) vs Connah's Quay Nomads (WAL)

Group 4

Shkëndija (MKD) vs Haverfordwest (WAL)
Haka (FIN) vs Crusaders (NIR)
vs Derry City (IRL)
Riga (LVA)
vs Víkingur Reykjavík (ISL)
Žilina (SVK) vs Levadia Tallinn (EST)

Group 5

Pyunik (ARM) vs Narva Trans (EST)
Panevezys (LTU) vs Milsami (MDA)
Tobol Kostanay (KAZ)
vs Honka Espoo (FIN)
Dunajská Streda (SVK)
vs Dila Gori (GEO)
Makedonija (MKD) vs RFS (LVA)

Group 6

Dukagjini (KOS) vs Europa (GIB)
Penybont (WAL) vs FC Santa Coloma (AND)
Hegelmann Litauen (LTU) vs Shkupi (MKD)
Diddeleng (LUX)
vs St Patrick's (IRL)
B36 (FRO) vs Paide (EST)
Gżira United (MLT) vs Glentoran (NIR)

Conditions of the draw

In accordance with paragraphs 13.03 and 13.04 of the Regulations of the UEFA Europa Conference League 2023/24, the UEFA administration formed groups and seeds clubs for the first qualifying round draw based on the club rankings established at the beginning of the season and the principles set by the Club Competitions Committee.

The 62 teams were divided into five groups of 10 teams (groups 1 to 5) and one group of 12 teams (group 6).

Within each of the six groups, the teams were divided into an equal number of seeded and unseeded teams (31 seeded teams and 31 unseeded teams in total).

Teams from the same association could not be drawn against each other.

Any changes of date and fixture reversals will be communicated in writing to your club and national association today, 20 June, by 20:00 CET.

Draw procedure

Groups 1 to 5

All the clubs in each of the five groups were randomly assigned a number: 1 to 5 for the seeded teams and 6 to 10 for the unseeded teams.

Three bowls were prepared for the draw, with the balls containing the numbers for the seeded and unseeded teams for Groups 1-5 placed in the correspondingly marked bowls.

One ball was taken from each of those bowls and placed in the third empty central bowl, where they were shuffled. The number shown from the first ball drawn from this bowl indicated the home teams of the first pairing of all five groups, and they will play against the teams indicated by the number of the ball drawn second from this bowl.

For example, if the first ball drawn contained the number 2 and the second the number 8, the clubs that have been assigned the numbers 2 and 8 in each of the five groups will play each other. The first ball drawn, here containing the number 2, designated the home team for the first leg in all five ties.

The same procedure was carried out with the remaining balls to complete the pairings.

Group 6

The procedure for this group was exactly the same as above, with the only difference being that the seeded teams were assigned numbers 1 to 6, and the unseeded teams assigned numbers 7 to 12.


Group 1

1 Ararat-Armenia FC (ARM)
2 FK Sutjeska (MNE)
3 FK Sarajevo (BIH)
4 FC Vaduz (LIE)
5 NK Domžale (SVN)

6 FC Torpedo Kutaisi (GEO)
7 Balzan FC (MLT)
8 FC Neman Grodno (BLR)
9 KF Egnatia (ALB)
10 SS Cosmos (SMR)

 Group 2

1 NK Maribor (SVN)
2 Alashkert FC (ARM)
3 FC Dinamo Batumi (GEO)
4 La Fiorita 1967 (SMR)
5 FC Dinamo Minsk (BLR)

6 KF Tirana (ALB)
7 FK Željezničar (BIH)
8 FC Zimbru Chisinau (MDA)
9 Birkirkara FC (MLT)
10 FK Arsenal Tivat (MNE)

 Group 3

1 Linfield FC (NIR)
2 Dundalk FC (IRL)
3 Connah's Quay Nomads FC (WAL)
4 FC Progrès Niederkorn (LUX)
5 Inter Club d'Escaldes (AND)

6 KA Akureyri (ISL)
7 Víkingur (FRO)
8 SC Gjilani (KOS)
9 KF Vllaznia (ALB)
10 FCB Magpies (GIB)

 Group 4

1 Riga FC (LVA)
2 KF Shkëndija (MKD)
3 FC Levadia Tallinn (EST)
4 HB Tórshavn (FRO)
5 Crusaders FC (NIR)

6 MŠK Žilina (SVK)
7 FC Haka Valkeakoski (FIN)
8 Derry City FC (IRL)
9 Víkingur Reykjavík (ISL)
10 Haverfordwest County AFC (WAL)

 Group 5

1 FC DAC 1904 Dunajská Streda (SVK)
2 FC Pyunik (ARM)
4 FC Tobol Kostanay (KAZ)
5 FC Milsami Orhei (MDA)

6 FK Makedonija GP Skopje (MKD)
7 Panevezys (LTU)
8 FC Honka Espoo (FIN)
9 FC Dila Gori (GEO)
10 JK Narva Trans (EST)

 Group 6

1 F91 Diddeleng (LUX)
2 FC Shkupi 1927 (MKD)
3 B36 Tórshavn (FRO)
4 Gżira United FC (MLT)
5 Europa FC (GIB)
6 FC Santa Coloma (AND)

7 Paide Linnameeskond (EST)
8 Saint Patrick's Athletic FC (IRL)
9 KF Dukagjini (KOS)
10 Glentoran FC (NIR)
11 FC Hegelmann Litauen (LTU)
12 Penybont FC (WAL)