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Coach Colini salutes Montesilvano's winning spirit

ASD Città di Montesilvano C/5's final triumph against Sporting Clube de Portugal was the result of their steadfast "head, hearts and legs", according to team coach Fulvio Colini.

Montesilvano coach Fulvio Colini savours his team's UEFA Futsal Cup triumph
Montesilvano coach Fulvio Colini savours his team's UEFA Futsal Cup triumph ©Sportsfile

ASD Città di Montesilvano C/5 coach Fulvio Colini attributed Italy's first UEFA Futsal Cup win to his team's strong "heads, hearts and legs".

Montesilvano became the sixth club to lift the trophy in what was the competition's tenth final – and in the process put Italian futsal on a roll of honour already including Spain, Belgium, Russia and Portugal.

Typical of his performances in front of the media during this tournament, Colini downplayed the tactical achievement of outwitting first holders SL Benfica in the semi-finals and then Sporting Clube de Portugal in Sunday's decider in Almaty. However, Sporting coach Orlando Duarte conceded that the better organised side had prevailed, making no excuses for the Portuguese outfit's 5-2 defeat at the Baluan Sholak Sport Palace.

Fulvio Colini, Montesilvano coach
If you get to a final, you have to try to win it. We were brave in our performance and we are delighted with the result. Yes, we were a bit tense, not scared, to begin with, and yes they hit the post in the first minute. However, we scored out of nothing and before we knew it, it was 3-0. We were lucky a few times with Sporting hitting the post but we did really well to contain them. In the end, we ran out deserved winners.

When we got the three quick goals, it was through playing intelligent football. We prepare for every opponent and we have a great mentality – look at man of the match, Hernan Garcias, who hadn't played for five months until the semi-final but turned in a great display.

We had great strength in our heads, heart and legs, and winning a championship by three goals, arguably against the favourites, is a great achievement. We play man to man, so when the opposition attacks there's never a free man for them to play to. We press teams individually and every one of our boys is very strong one on one. It's hard to break us down.

Orlando Duarte, Sporting coach
As a team you always have to act rationally and not emotionally, and in the first half we were all over the place. We were more emotional than we should have been and gave them too much space. But they scored five goals from very few opportunities, whereas we had lots of chances and scored only two. That was the main difference between the teams.

They were very well organised. We don't make excuses – simply, they played well, they were better organised, they were more efficient and they deserved it. While they were superbly organised and strong defensively, we didn't do as well as we could have done up front.

I would say Montesilvano have great tactical merit defensively. It's not necessarily a way of playing I like, but it was highly efficient. The better team won on the day; it was a fair result. As coach, you take responsibility for your decisions, good or bad. I didn't manage to get my team, which normally plays rationally, to stay disciplined.

Hernan Garcias, Montesilvano playmaker
Nobody in Italy expected us to win a tournament of this stature – it's only the second time an Italian team has reached the last four. But maybe now people will start to believe that they, and not just Spanish, Russian or Portuguese clubs, can win major futsal events.

It has been a difficult year in the league and we didn't come here thinking we'd win; we just wanted to play well against Benfica. We also thought the Sporting game would be really tough because they're a good team. But so many things have happened that you start to think we were destined to win this.

Although we were ambitious and although we believed in our strengths and in ourselves as a group, we weren't sure how we'd get on against such strong opponents. This victory, though, has been won through the heart and through togetherness.