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Futsal Champions League preliminary round draw

The 46 clubs have been drawn into 23 single-legged ties to be played between 24 and 29 November.

UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images

The UEFA Futsal Champions League preliminary round draw split 46 teams into 23 ties to be played between 24 and 29 November. The winners will join the nine highest-ranked clubs in the round of 32.

Preliminary round draw

Olmissum (CRO) vs SMS Viimsi (EST)
Hohenstein-Ernstthal (GER) vs Piyalepaşa (TUR)
Petro-w (LVA) vs Lučenec (SVK)
Chrudim (CZE) vs Akaa (FIN)
Shkupi 1927 (MKD) vs Blue Magic FC Dublin (IRL)
Allstars Wiener Neustadt (AUT) vs Luxol St Andrews (MLT)
ACCS Asnières Villeneuve 92 (FRA) vs Crvena zvezda (SRB)
Viten Orsha (BLR) vs Cherno More Varna (BUL)
Futsal Team Charleroi (BEL) vs Lynx FC (GIB)
FC Prishtina (KOS) vs KF Tirana (ALB)
KMF Titograd (MNE) vs Pesaro (ITA)
FC Encamp (AND) vs FC Salines (BIH)
Omonia Nicosia (CYP) vs FC Fiorentino (SMR)
Kherson (UKR) vs Rosario Futsal (NIR)
Futsal Gentofte (DEN) vs Leo Futsal Club (ARM)
AEK Futsal Club (GRE) vs Araz Naxçivan (AZE)
Futsal Mirerva (SUI) vs PYF Saltires (SCO)
Vytis (LTU) vs Hammarby (SWE)
Differdange (LUX) vs London Helvecia (ENG)
Utleira Idrettslag (NOR) vs Hovocubo (NED)
Record Bielsko-Biała (POL) vs Swansea University (WAL)
United Galati (ROU) vs Dolphins Ashdod (ISR)
Tbilisi State University (GEO) vs Berettyóújfalu (HUN)

Match calendar

Preliminary round: 24–29 November
Round of 32: 12–17 January (draw: 9 December)
Round of 16: 16–21 February (draw: tbc)
Finals (Quarter-finals, Semi-finals, Final): April/May tbc

Key facts

  • Pesaro were only denied a finals place last year when two late Murcia FS goals pulled their elite round decider back from 3-1 to 3-3 (Pesaro needed a win).
  • Araz Naxçivan took bronze in 2014.
  • Chrudim and Araz are entering for the 15th time, Encamp for the 14th: only Kairat Almaty (17th, in the round of 32) have been involved more.
  • The 15 debutants include France's ACCS Asnières Villeneuve 92, who this summer signed multiple champions Ricardinho and Ortiz from Inter.
  • All debutants: Olmissum, Crvena zvezda, United Galati, FC Salines, FC Prishtina, ACCS Asnières Villeneuve 92, Hammarby, Petro-w, Akaa, Piyalepaşa, Utleira Idrettslag, Dolphins Ashdod, Cherno More Varna, Swansea University, Rosario Futsal.
  • All UEFA futsal matches will be played behind closed doors until further notice.

Enter in round of 32

Barça (ESP, holders)
Inter FS (ESP)
Sporting CP (POR)
Kairat Almaty (KAZ)
Benfica (POR)
TTG-Ugra (RUS)
Aktobe (KAZ)
Dobovec (SVN)

Draw procedure

UEFA prepared draw groupings in order to avoid, or keep to an absolute minimum, restrictions between teams drawn into ties. The draw grouping respected seeding based on the Coefficient Rankings. Clubs not wishing or able to host a match had notified the UEFA administration accordingly.

There were six groups (1 to 6), each with an equal number of seeded (Pot A) and unseeded (Pot B) teams. The teams unable to play at home were put into yellow balls, the others into blue balls.

The draw was made separately for each group by this procedure:

  • A blue ball from the respective A pot was picked and assigned as host of the first tie. A yellow ball from the respective B pot was picked and assigned as the away team in the first tie.
  • This continued until there were no more yellow balls in the respective B pot.
  • For the next tie (if any teams in the A pot were in yellow balls) a blue ball from the respective B pot was picked and assigned as host. A yellow ball from the respective A pot was picked and assigned as the away team.
  • This continued until there were no more yellow balls in the respective A pot.
  • If after this there were still blue balls in both pots, one was picked from each and put in the draw bowl. The first ball picked was at home and the other away.
  • This continued until all balls in the group were drawn.

Seeding pots

Group 1:

Pot 1A

Chrudim (CZE)
Olmissum (CRO)
Lučenec (SVK)*
Hohenstein-Ernstthal (GER)

Pot 1B

Petro-w (LVA)
SMS Viimsi (EST)*
Akaa (FIN)
Piyalepaşa (TUR)*

Group 2:

Pot 2A

Viten Orsha (BLR)
Luxol St Andrews (MLT)
Crvena zvezda (SRB)
Shkupi 1927 (MKD)

Pot 2B

ACCS Asnières Villeneuve 92 (FRA)
Allstars Wiener Neustadt (AUT)
Blue Magic FC Dublin (IRL)*
Cherno More Varna (BUL)

Group 3:

Pot 3A

Pesaro (ITA)
Futsal Team Charleroi (BEL)
FC Salines (BIH)
FC Prishtina (KOS)

Pot 3B

KMF Titograd (MNE)
Lynx FC (GIB)*
KF Tirana (ALB)*
FC Encamp (AND)

Group 4:

Pot 4A

Kherson (UKR)
Leo Futsal Club (ARM)*
Araz Naxçivan (AZE)*
Omonia Nicosia (CYP)

Pot 4B

Futsal Gentofte (DEN)
AEK Futsal Club (GRE)
FC Fiorentino (SMR)*
Rosario Futsal (NIR)*

Group 5:

Pot 5A

Vytis (LTU)
Hovocubo (NED)*
Futsal Mirerva (SUI)
London Helvecia (ENG)*

Pot 5B

Hammarby (SWE)*
Utleira Idrettslag (NOR)
Differdange (LUX)
PYF Saltires (SCO)*

Group 6:

Pot 6A

Record Bielsko-Biała (POL)
Berettyóújfalu (HUN)
United Galati (ROU)

Pot 6B

Tbilisi State University (GEO)
Dolphins Ashdod (ISR)*
Swansea University (WAL)*

*Will not play at home


Pesaro (ITA) 14.167
Kherson (UKR) 14.000
Record Bielsko-Biała (POL) 10.502
Chrudim (CZE) 10.333
Vytis (LTU) 7.749
Leo Futsal Club (ARM) 7.500
Naxçivan (AZE) 6.999
Olmissum (CRO) 6.834
Berettyóújfalu (HUN) 6.500
Futsal Team Charleroi (BEL) 6.000
Viten Orsha (BLR) 5.501
Luxol St Andrews (MLT) 5.167
Lučenec (SVK) 4.916
Crvena zvezda (SRB) 4.667
Hovocubo (NED) 4.667
Hohenstein-Ernstthal (GER) 3.833
Shkupi 1927 (MKD) 3.833
United Galati (ROU) 3.667
Futsal Minerva (SUI) 3.376
FC Salines (BIH) 2.834
Omonia Nicosia (CYP) 2.417
FC Prishtina (KOS) 2.334
London Helvecia (ENG) 2.168
ACCS Asnières Villeneuve 92 (FRA) 2.084
Futsal Gentofte (DEN) 2.084
Tbilisi State University (GEO) 2.000
Allstars Wiener Neustadt (AUT) 2.000
Hammarby (SWE) 1.667
Petro-w (LVA) 1.667
SMS Viimsi (EST) 1.500
Akaa (FIN) 1.333
KMF Titograd (MNE) 1.167
Lynx FC (GIB) 1.001
AEK Futsal Club (GRE) 0.750
KF Tirana (ALB) 0.750
Piyalepaşa (TUR) 0.667
Utleira Idrettslag (NOR) 0.667
Dolphins Ashdod (ISR) 0.583
Differdange (LUX) 0.583
Blue Magic FC Dublin (IRL) 0.583
Cherno More Varna (BUL) 0.500
PYF Saltires (SCO) 0.500
Swansea University (WAL) 0.250
FC Encamp (AND) 0.250
FC Fiorentino (SMR) 0.084
Rosario Futsal (NIR) 0.000