Inter reign again: 2018 Futsal Cup at a glance

Inter FS made it five UEFA Futsal Cup victories in Zaragoza in the last of the 17 seasons before the relaunch as the UEFA Futsal Champions League.


Sporting CP 2-5 Inter FS - HIGHLIGHTS

Third-place match
Győr 1-7 Barcelona

Highlights: Inter beat Sporting for fifth title
Highlights: Inter beat Sporting for fifth title

Semi-finals: Friday
Győr 1-6 Sporting CP - HIGHLIGHTS
Inter FS 2-1 Barcelona

Top scorers (finals)
Esquerdinha (Barcelona) 4
Cardinal (Sporting CP) 2
Ferrao (Barcelona) 2
Diogo (Sporting CP) 2
Diego Cavinato (Sporting CP) 2
Ortiz (Inter) 2

Top scorers (season)
Halim Selmanaj (Liburn) 12
Michal Seidler (Rekord Bielsko-Biała) 9
Fábio Aguiar (Győr) 8
Marijo Aladžić (Mostar) 8

Inter pip Barcelona to final
Inter pip Barcelona to final


  • Inter reached their eighth final, two more than any other club, and won their fifth title, three above the next best tally.
  • Inter are the first side to retain the title since Playas de Castellón won the inaugural two editions in 2002 and 2003.
  • Inter have equalled Playas de Castellón's record of 13 straight UEFA Futsal Cup wins.
  • Inter equalled FC Dynamo's record of reaching three finals in a row.
  • Spanish clubs won nine of the 17 editions of the UEFA Futsal Cup.
  • Sporting are the only side to have lost their first three finals.
  • Győr are the first Hungarian club to reach the final four, the ninth country to be represented in the 12 editions under this format.
  • Esquerdinha's tally of four finals goals equals the record (which he already shared from 2015 with Dina Moskva).
  • Esquerdinha and Ricardinho both moved on to a record eight final-four goals.
Sporting stroll through semi-final
Sporting stroll through semi-final

Roll of honour
Four-team finals

2018 (Zaragoza): Inter FS (ESP) 5-2 Sporting CP (POR)
2017 (Almaty): Inter FS (ESP) 7-0 Sporting CP (POR)
2016 (Guadalajara): Ugra Yugorsk (RUS) 4-3 Inter FS (ESP)
2015 (Lisbon): Kairat Almaty (KAZ) 3-2 Barcelona (ESP)
2014 (Baku): Barcelona (ESP) 5-2aet FC Dynamo (RUS)
2013 (Tbilisi): Kairat Almaty (KAZ) 4-3 FC Dynamo (RUS)
2012 (Lleida): Barcelona (ESP) 3-1 FC Dynamo (RUS)
2011 (Almaty): Montesilvano (ITA) 5-2 Sporting CP (POR)
2010 (Lisbon): Benfica (POR) 3-2aet Inter FS (ESP)
2009 (Ekaterinburg): Inter FS (ESP) 5-1 Sinara Ekaterinburg (RUS)
2008 (Moscow): Sinara Ekaterinburg (RUS) 4-4aet, 3-2pens Murcia FS (ESP)
2007 (Murcia): FC Dynamo (RUS) 2-1 Inter FS (ESP)
Two-legged finals
2006: Inter FS (ESP) 6-3/3-4: 9-7agg FC Dynamo (RUS)
2005: Action 21 Charleroi (BEL) 4-3, 6-6aet: 10-9agg FC Dynamo (RUS)
2004: Inter FS (ESP) 4-1/3-4: 7-5agg Benfica (POR)
2003: Playas de Castellón (ESP) 1-1/6-4: 7-5agg Action 21 Charleroi (BEL)
Eight-team finals
2002 (Lisbon): Playas de Castellón (ESP) 5-1 Action 21 Charleroi (BEL)

  • UEFA Futsal Champions League

From next season the UEFA Futsal Cup, which launched in 2001/02, will be renamed the UEFA Futsal Champions League, with the format the same as 2017/18. Spain, Portugal, Russia and Kazakhstan all receive two places, otherwise each nation enters its national champion.