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2024/25 UEFA Youth League dates, format

The 11th edition of the UEFA Youth League, the first under a new format, runs from 17 September to the four-team finals on 25 and 28 April.

The Lennart Johansson Trophy will be handed over for the 11th time on 28 April 2025
The Lennart Johansson Trophy will be handed over for the 11th time on 28 April 2025 SPORTSFILE

The UEFA Youth League reaches its 11th edition in 2024/25.

The contenders are split into two paths in the autumn, the UEFA Champions League path and the Domestic Champions path – both now expanded from the previous format. They come together for the knockout phase, running from the new round of 32 on 11 and 12 February to the traditional four-team final tournament between 25 and 28 April. The full list of contenders in both paths will be confirmed after the Champions League play-offs end on 28 August.

New format explained


The competition is adapting to the format change of the senior UEFA club competitions and will include the 36 youth teams of the clubs which qualify for the league phase of the 2024/25 UEFA Champions League (Champions League path).

The Domestic Champions path is restructured to include the domestic youth champions of all UEFA member associations; previously participation was limited to the top 32 associations of the ranking list.

If a club qualify for both the Champions League path and the Domestic Champions path, they automatically participate in the Champions League path and the vacancy in the domestic path is, in principle, filled by the runners-up of the same association. In case the runners-up also qualify via the Champions League path, the vacancy is not filled.

Youth League holders Olympiacos automatically qualify for the Domestic Champions path second round unless they qualify for the Champions League path.

2024 UEFA Youth League final highlights: Olympiacos 3-0 Milan

Initial stages

The league stage will mirror the Champions League 'league stage' but limited to the first six matchdays, with the same matches played in both competitions (three at home and three away). The top 22 clubs will qualify for the round of 32.

The domestic champions path will consist of three rounds played under the cup (knockout) system with two-legged ties (home and away matches). The holders (if involved in this path) and the clubs of the top-ranked associations will enter in the second round (exact numbers depending on the level of entries). At the end of the third round, ten clubs will qualify for the round of 32.

Knockouts & final four

A single knockout phase will be played with one-leg ties starting with the round of 32. The clubs ranked 1 to 6 (Champions League path) will play against the clubs ranked 17 to 22. The clubs ranked 7 to 16 will face the ten clubs that qualify via the Domestic Champions path.

A further open draw will be held for the round of 16 onwards.

The tournament will, as before, conclude with a final four (semi-finals and final) played at a neutral venue.

Draw and match dates

UEFA Champions League path: league phase
Draw: 29 August, Monaco
Matchday 1: 17/18/19 September
Matchday 2: 1/2 October
Matchday 3: 22/23 October
Matchday 4: 5/6 November
Matchday 5: 26/27 November
Matchday 6: 10/11 December

Domestic champions path
Draw: 3 September, Nyon
First round first leg: 18 September
First round second leg: 2 October
Second round first leg: 23 October
Second round second leg: 6 November
Third round first leg: 27 November
Third round second leg: 11 December

Knockout phase
Round of 32 draw: 20 December, Nyon
Round of 32: 11/12 February
Knockout draw (round of 16 onwards): 14 February, Nyon
Round of 16: 4/5 March
Quarter-finals: 1/2 April
Semi-finals: 25 April (single venue)
Final: 28 April (single venue)

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