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Where to watch Under-17 EURO: TV, streaming

You can watch the finals thanks to UEFA's broadcast partners and the live streaming of games.

Under-17 EURO rights holders

Please check individual broadcaster schedules for details about which matches will be televised or streamed in your territory.

All information is subject to agreements being reached between UEFA and individual broadcasters.


Matches will be streamed live in certain territories on UEFA.tv. Highlights of all matches will be available to view as of midnight CET.

Please check the UEFA.tv home screen for matches that may be available in your territory.

Official Under-17 EURO broadcast partners

Partners in Europe and across the globe will be broadcasting Under-17 EURO. Find your local broadcast partner(s) below.


Albania: RTSH
Andorra: La Chaine l'Equipe
Austria: ORF – Österreichischer Rundfunk
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Sportklub Balkans
Croatia: Sportklub Balkans
Cyprus: CyBC
Czechia: Česká Televize
Denmark: DKDR Sport
France: La Chaine l'Equipe
Georgia: GPB
Greece: ERT Greece
Hungary: MTVA Hungary
Israel: Charlton
Italy: RAI
Kazakhstan: Qazsport
Lithuania: LRT
Malta: PBS
Monaco: La Chaine l'Equipe
Montenegro: Sportklub Balkans
North Macedonia: Sportklub Balkans
Poland: TVP
Portugal: Canal 11, RTP Portugal
Romania: TVR
Serbia: Sportklub Balkans
Slovakia: RTV Slovakia
Slovenia: Sportklub Balkans
Spain: TVE Spain
Sweden: SVT
Ukraine: Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine
United Kingdom: BBC TV Sport

Outside Europe

Algeria: beIN Sports MENA
American Samoa: VIX
Bahrain: beIN Sports MENA
Benin: New World TV
Burkina Faso: New World TV
Burundi: New World TV
Cameroon: New World TV
Central African Republic: New World TV
Chad: beIN Sports MENA, New World TV
Comoros: New World TV
Congo Republic: New World TV
Democratic Republic of Congo: New World TV
Djibouti: beIN Sports MENA, New World TV
Egypt: beIN Sports MENA
French Guyana: La Chaine l'Equipe
French Polynesia: La Chaine l'Equipe
French Southern and Antarctic Lands: La Chaine l'Equipe
Gabon: New World TV
Guadeloupe: La Chaine l'Equipe
Guam: VIX
Iran: beIN Sports MENA
Iraq: beIN Sports MENA
Ivory Coast: New World TV
Jordan: beIN Sports MENA
Kuwait: beIN Sports MENA
Lebanon: beIN Sports MENA
Libya: beIN Sports MENA
Madagascar: New World TV
Mali: New World TV
Mariana Islands: VIX
Martinique: La Chaine l'Equipe
Mauritania: beIN Sports MENA, New World TV
Mauritius: La Chaine l'Equipe, New World TV
Mayotte: La Chaine l'Equipe
Midway: VIX
Morocco: beIN Sports MENA
New Caledonia: La Chaine l'Equipe
Niger: New World TV
Oman: beIN Sports MENA
Palestine (Gaza strip and West Bank): beIN Sports MENA
Puerto Rico: VIX
Qatar: beIN Sports MENA
Republic of Guinea: New World TV
Réunion: La Chaine l'Equipe
Rwanda: New World TV
Saudi Arabia: beIN Sports MENA
Senegal: New World TV
Seychelles: New World TV
Somalia: beIN Sports MENA
South Sudan: beIN Sports MENA
St Bart: La Chaine l'Equipe
St Martin: La Chaine l'Equipe
St Pierre and Miquelon: La Chaine l'Equipe
Sudan: beIN Sports MENA
Syria: beIN Sports MENA
Togo: New World TV
Tunisia: beIN Sports MENA
US Virgin Islands: VIX
United Arab Emirates: beIN Sports MENA
United States: VIX
Wallis and Futuna: La Chaine l'Equipe
Yemen: beIN Sports MENA