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Italy win 2024 U17 EURO: At a glance

Italy won the U17 title for the first time with a stylish 3-0 defeat of Portugal in Limassol.

Italy are the champions
Italy are the champions SPORTSFILE

Italy won the UEFA European Under-17 Championship for the first time with a stylish 3-0 defeat of Portugal in Limassol.

Having lost their previous three U17 finals, and only taken UEFA's junior title in the inaugural edition of the old U16 EURO in 1982, Italy saw off Portugal with two goals from Player of the Tournament Francesco Camarda, as well as keeping their fourth clean sheet in six games.

Portugal's Rodrigo Mora, meanwhile, was the five-goal top scorer in this, the last of the 16-team final tournaments – a format that ran from 2014/15. From 2024/25, the final tournament reverts to eight nations as part of a reboot which includes new-look qualifying and leads to an annual 48-team FIFA U-17 World Cup.


Champions: Italy
Runners-up: Portugal
Semi-finalists: Denmark, Serbia
Quarter-finalists: Austria, Czechia, England, Poland

Player of the Tournament: Francesco Camarda (Italy)
Top scorer: Rodrigo Mora (Portugal)

Final highlights: Italy 3-0 Portugal
See who made the Team of the Tournament

Top scorers

Final tournament

5 Rodrigo Mora (Portugal)

4 Oghenetejiri Adejenughure (Austria)
4 Francesco Camarda (Italy)
Mihajlo Cvetković (Serbia)
4 Michael Izunwanne (Poland)
4 Mikey Moore (England)
4 Ondřej Penxa (Czechia)

Season (including qualifiers)

8 Francesco Camarda (Italy)
Mikey Moore (England)

7 Oghenetejiri Adejenughure (Austria
7 Jakub Adkonis (Poland)
7 Adrián Arnuncio (Spain)
7 Rodrigo Mora (Portugal)
7 Gabriel Silva (Portugal)

2024 U17 EURO top five goals


  • Italy win a U17 EURO final at the fourth attempt after losing in 2013, 2018 and 2019. They did win the first U16 EURO title in 1982.
  • Portugal lose a U17 EURO final for the first time after winning in 2003 and 2016 against Spain.
  • Italy are the tenth different champions from the 21 editions of U17 EURO (since 2001/02) after Netherlands (4), France (3), Spain (3), England (2), Germany (2), Portugal (2), Russia (2), Switzerland (1) and Türkiye (1)
  • Portugal's Rodrigo Mora was finals top scorer on five goals. The Porto player was already joint-top scorer in the 2023/24 UEFA Youth League with eight goals. Only once before has a player top-scored in a UEFA national-team and club competition in the same season, Joel Queirós, also for Portugal at UEFA Futsal EURO 2010 and for Benfica in their 2009/10 UEFA Futsal Cup success.
  • Portugal became the first team to recover from two down to win a U17 EURO knockout fixture in their 3-2 semi-final defeat of Serbia. Only once before, in a group game, had this been achieved in any U17 EURO finals match.
  • Hosts Cyprus became the 42nd current UEFA member to make their U17 finals debut. Albania will increase that to at least 43 when they host the 2025 finals.
U17 EURO semi-final highlights: Serbia 2-3 Portugal

All the results



Wednesday 5 June
Italy 3-0 Portugal (Limassol Stadium, Limassol)


Sunday 2 June

Serbia 2-3 Portugal (AEK Arena, Larnaca)
Denmark 0-1 Italy (Antonis Papadopoulos Stadium, Larnaca)


Thursday 30 May

Portugal 2-1 Poland (Antonis Papadopoulous Stadium, Larnaca)
Italy 1-1 England (5-4 pens) (AEK Arena, Larnaca)

Wednesday 29 May

Czechia 1-1 Denmark (3-5 pens) (Ammochostos Epistrofi Stadium, Larnaca)
Austria 2-3 Serbia (AEK Arena, Larnaca)

U17 EURO quarter-final highlights: Italy 1-1 England (5-4 pens)


Matchday 3

Monday 27 May

Group C:
Sweden 1-2 Italy (Tasos Markou Paralimni Municipal, Paralimni)
Poland 4-0 Slovakia (Dasaki Achnas Stadium, Dasaki)

Group D:
Portugal 1-2 France (Ammochostos Epistrofi Stadium, Larnaca)
England 3-1 Spain (Antonis Papadopoulos Stadium, Larnaca)

U17 EURO group stage highlights: England 3-1 Spain

Sunday 26 May

Group A:
Ukraine 2-0 Cyprus (AEK Arena, Larnaca)
Czechia 4-3 Serbia (Ammochostos Epistrofi Stadium, Larnaca)

Group B:
Austria 4-0 Denmark (Tasos Markou Paralimni Municipal, Paralimni)
Wales 1-1 Croatia (Dasaki Achnas Stadium, Dasaki)

U17 EURO group stage highlights: Czechia 4-3 Serbia

Monday 27 May

Group C:
Sweden 1-2 Italy (Tasos Markou Paralimni Municipal, Paralimni)
Poland 4-0 Slovakia (Dasaki Achnas Stadium, Dasaki)

Group D:
Portugal 1-2 France (Ammochostos Epistrofi Stadium, Larnaca)
England 3-1 Spain (Antonis Papadopoulos Stadium, Larnaca)

U17 EURO group stage highlights: Portugal 4-1 England

Matchday 2

Friday 24 May

Group C:
Italy 2-0 Slovakia
(Dasaki Achnas Stadium, Dasaki)
Sweden 2-2 Poland (AEK Arena, Larnaca)

Group D:
Portugal 4-1 England (Ammochostos Epistrofi Stadium, Larnaca)
France 1-0 Spain (Antonis Papadopoulos Stadium, Larnaca)

Watch Petros Ioannou's stunning long-range U17 EURO goal for Cyprus

Thursday 23 May

Group A:
Ukraine 1-3 Czechia
(Tasos Markou Paralimni Municipal, Paralimni)
Cyprus 1-3 Serbia (Antonis Papadopoulos Stadium, Larnaca)

Group B:
Denmark 2-2 Croatia (Dasaki Achnas Stadium, Dasaki)
Austria 3-0 Wales (Ammochostos Epistrofi Stadium, Larnaca)

Matchday 1

Tuesday 21 May

Group C:
Slovakia 0-0 Sweden
(Tasos Markou Paralimni Municipal, Paralimni)
Italy 2-0 Poland (AEK Arena, Larnaca)

Group D:
Spain 1-2 Portugal (Dasaki Achnas Stadium, Dasaki)
France 0-4 England (Ammochostos Epistrofi Stadium, Larnaca)

Monday 20 May

Group A:
Serbia 1-0 Ukraine (Tasos Markou Paralimni Municipal, Paralimni)
Cyprus 0-5 Czechia (AEK Arena, Larnaca)

Group B:
Denmark 2-0 Wales (Dasaki Achnas Stadium, Dasaki)
Croatia 0-0 Austria (Antonis Papadopoulos Stadium, Larnaca)

Roll of honour


2024: Italy (hosts: Cyprus)
2023: Germany (Hungary)
2022: France (Israel)
2019: Netherlands (Republic of Ireland)
2018: Netherlands (England)
2017: Spain (Croatia)
2016: Portugal (Azerbaijan)
2015: France (Bulgaria)
2014: England (Malta)
2013: Russia (Slovakia)
2012: Netherlands (Slovenia)
2011: Netherlands (Serbia)
2010: England (Liechtenstein)
2009: Germany (Germany)
2008: Spain (Türkiye)
2007: Spain (Belgium)
2006: Russia (Luxembourg)
2005: Türkiye (Italy)
2004: France (France)
2003: Portugal (Portugal)
2002: Switzerland (Denmark)

U17 EURO group stage highlights: France 0-4 England


2001: Spain (hosts: England)
2000: Portugal (Israel)
1999: Spain (Czechia)
1998: Republic of Ireland (Scotland)
1997: Spain (Germany)
1996: Portugal (Austria)
1995: Portugal (Belgium)
1994: Türkiye (Republic of Ireland)
1993: Poland (Türkiye)
1992: Germany (Cyprus)
1991: Spain (Switzerland)
1990: Czechoslovakia (East Germany)
1989: Portugal (Denmark)
1988: Spain (Spain)
1987: not awarded (France) – Italy disqualified for fielding ineligible player
1986: Spain (Greece)
1985: Soviet Union (Hungary)
1984: West Germany (West Germany)
1982: Italy (Italy)

Titles (U17 only)

Netherlands 4
France 3
Spain 3
England 2
Germany 2
Portugal 2
Russia 2
Italy 1
Switzerland 1
Türkiye 1

Titles (U17 & U16)

Spain 9
Portugal 6
Germany 4 (inc West Germany)
Netherlands 4
France 3
Russia 3 (inc Soviet Union)
England 2
Italy 2
Turkey 2
Czechoslovakia 1
Poland 1
Republic of Ireland 1
Switzerland 1

Final appearances (U17 only)

Netherlands 8
Spain 7
France 6
Germany 5
England 4
Italy 4
Portugal 3
Russia 2
Czechia 1
Switzerland 1
Türkiye 1

Final appearances (U17 & U16)

Spain 15
Germany 9 (inc West Germany)
France 8
Italy 8
Netherlands 8
Portugal 8
Russia 5 (inc Soviet Union)
England 4
Czechia 3 (inc Czechoslovakia)
Poland 2
Türkiye 2
Austria 1
Denmark 1
East Germany 1
Greece 1
Republic of Ireland 1
Switzerland 1
Yugoslavia 1

Semi-final appearances (U17 only)

Netherlands 11
Spain 11
England 9
France 9
Germany 8
Italy 6
Portugal 6
Türkiye 4
Belgium 3
Russia 3
Denmark 2
Poland 2
Serbia 2
Switzerland 2
Austria 1
Croatia 1
Czechia 1
Georgia 1
Scotland 1
Slovakia 1
Sweden 1

Semi-final appearances (U17 & U16)

Spain 22
France 16
Germany 16 (inc West Germany)
Portugal 14
England 11
Netherlands 11
Russia 7 (inc Soviet Union)
Türkiye 6
Czechia 5 (inc Czechoslovakia)
Poland 5
Serbia 5 (inc Yugoslavia)
East Germany 4
Greece 4
Austria 3
Belgium 3
Denmark 3
Switzerland 3
Croatia 2
Finland 1
Georgia 1
Israel 1
Republic of Ireland 1
Scotland 1
Slovakia 1
Sweden 1
Ukraine 1

U17 final tournament appearances

16 England, Spain
15 France, Netherlands
14 Germany
12 Italy
11 Portugal
10 Serbia (inc Yugoslavia/Serbia and Montenegro),
9 Switzerland
8 Belgium, Türkiye
7 Austria, Czechia, Denmark, Scotland, Ukraine
6 Croatia, Hungary, Republic of Ireland, Sweden
5 Poland
4 Israel, Russia, Slovenia
3 Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Iceland
2 Bulgaria, Georgia, Luxembourg, Norway, Slovakia, Wales
1 Azerbaijan, Belarus, Cyprus, Faroe Islands, Finland, Malta, Moldova, Northern Ireland, Romania

Bold type includes 2024 final tournament. Italy figures do not include 1987. No tournaments were held in 1983, 2020 and 2021.

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