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Captain Romagna introduces Italy squad

Filippo Romagna runs the rule over Italy's party, including a truck, a tank, a horse, a mosquito, a wardrobe, a small giant and an ever-popular skipper.

Italy captain Filippo Romagna
Italy captain Filippo Romagna ©Sportsfile

Alex Meret (goalkeeper, Udinese)
Very quiet; really quiet guy.

Andrea Zaccagno (goalkeeper, Torino)
Quiet as well, but he's a sunny guy. He's always smiling.

Davide Vitturini (defender, Pescara)
He always pays attention. Incredibly focused, concentrates on everything.

Federico Dimarco (defender, Internazionale)
An absolute truck!

Giuseppe Pezzella (defender, Palermo)
If Dimarco's a truck, he's a tank. He's an absolutely massive guy.

Mauro Coppolaro (defender, Udinese)
A mean, tough guy. On the pitch, anyway; off it he's fantastic but he's so hard on the pitch. Ruthless.

Nicolò Barella: hyperactive
Nicolò Barella: hyperactive©Sportsfile

Nicolò Barella (midfielder, Cagliari)
Hyperactive. Never stops, never sits still, never sleeps. Always doing something.

Manuel Locatelli (midfielder, Milan)
One word: quality.

Simone Edera (midfielder, Torino)
A great guy, very friendly. Very simple but a good guy.

Alberto Picchi (midfielder, Empoli)
He's my room-mate here. Very quiet, very peaceful. He wants peace for the world! Sharing a room has been fine, we have a laugh and a joke together all the time.

Francesco Cassata (midfielder, Juventus)
Never gives up, never gives in. Never, never, never.

Simone Pontisso (midfielder, Udinese)
Quality and strength.

Paolo Ghiglione (midfielder, Genoa)
A horse! He never stops, his energy is endless.

Andrea Favilli (forward, Livorno)
A wardrobe! So big and bulky.

Mauro Coppolaro (mean) and Simone Minelli (mosquito)
Mauro Coppolaro (mean) and Simone Minelli (mosquito)©Sportsfile

Simone Minelli (forward, Fiorentina)
Like a mosquito: da-da-da-da-da! Always picking at something.

Patrick Cutrone (forward, Milan)
Always tough to play against, always on the ball and if he hasn't got it, always wanting it. One to make opponents worry.

Giuseppe Panico (forward, Cesena)
A little guy but his strength makes him a giant. A big player for us.

Paolo Vanoli (coach)
He has us well organised, on and off the pitch. Gives so much to the squad. He wants us to know what we're doing, and he gives so much importance to our values as people too.

Filippo Romagna (midfielder, Juventus)
My team-mates think I'm great! I try to give my best for the side, always, to help them as much as I can.