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Captain Mitryushkin runs rules over Russia

Russia captain Anton Mitryushkin told UEFA.com about his team-mates, including the team's "engine", a "very stylish man" and someone "who's not afraid of anything".

Russia captain Anton Mitryushkin with the trophy
Russia captain Anton Mitryushkin with the trophy ©Sportsfile

Ahead of the UEFA European Under-19 Championship final against Spain, Russia captain Anton Mitryushkin gave UEFA.com the lowdown on his team-mates.

Sergei Makarov
He's a really tough guy.

Nikita Chernov
He's the one who's responsible for the music that gets played in the dressing room.

Dzhamaldin Khodzhaniyazov
There are some secrets about him! Let's says he is the cruellest player in the team because he gets a lot of yellow cards.

Denis Yakuba
He's different on the field compared to how he is in ordinary life. In ordinary life he's very calm and silent, but he's very fierce when he gets on to the pitch.

Dzhamaldin Khodzhaniyazov: yellow card collector
Dzhamaldin Khodzhaniyazov: yellow card collector©Sportsfile

Ayaz Guliev
He's like the engine of our team, our motor.

Dmitri Barinov
This man is not afraid of anything.

Ramil Sheydaev
He is our best goalscorer – he got a new record here and we're glad for him and we're happy to have him on our team. You always expect him to score.

Aleksandr Golovin
He's the biggest game-player in our team – he's best at all the video games.

Aleksandr Zuev
He's a technically gifted player and one of our quickest.

Dmitri Barinov: not afraid of anything
Dmitri Barinov: not afraid of anything©Sportsfile

Maksim Rudakov
He's one of my best team-mates and we have a very good relationship, despite playing in the same position and being rivals.

Aleksandr Likhachev
He's my closest friend and he's a good player. We both play for Spartak Moskva and we have a good relationship.

Ilmir Nurisov
He's very quiet and calm in life so it can be quite hard to read him.

Georgi Melkadze
He's the youngest player we have, yet he is one of the strongest players we've got. And he's got a big beard!

Georgi Melkadze: impressive beard
Georgi Melkadze: impressive beard©Sportsfile

Igor Bezdenezhnykh
He's our super-sub. He's always coming off the bench and scoring important goals for us.

Aleksei Gasilin
He is the most serious member of our team. He's serious about life, about football – about everything.

Rifat Zhemaletdinov
He's a very stylish man – he's very into fashion. 'Valuable' would be his middle name.

Vasily Cherov
He's the new guy on the team. He may be quiet and subdued when you talk to him, but he is tough out there on the pitch.