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Under-19 EURO highlights

Watch highlights of the action in Finland following Portugal's victory in the final against Italy.

Portugal's Nuno Santos with the trophy
Portugal's Nuno Santos with the trophy ©Sportsfile

Highlights: click on the links to watch

Turkey 2-3 England
Turkey 2-3 England

Monday 16 July
Group A
Norway 1-3 Portugal
Finland 0-1 Italy

Tuesday 17 July
Group B
Turkey 2-3 England
France 1-2 Ukraine

Portugal 2-3 Italy
Portugal 2-3 Italy

Thursday 19 July
Group A
Finland 2-3 Norway
Portugal 2-3 Italy

Friday 20 July
Group B
Ukraine 1-1 England
Turkey 0-5 France 

Sunday 22 July
Group A
Italy 1-1 Norway
Portugal 3-0 Finland

Monday 23 July
Group B
England 0-5 France

Knockout phase

Thursday 26 July
Ukraine 0-5 Portugal
Italy 2-0 France

Sunday 29 July

Italy 3-4 Portugal (aet)