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Marta, Boquete bemoan Tyresö's defensive lapses

While Marta described the goals that allowed VfL Wolfsburg into the final as "ever cheap", fellow Tyresö FF goalscorer Véronica Boquete agreed defensive frailties have proved costly.

Marta, Boquete bemoan Tyresö's defensive lapses
Marta, Boquete bemoan Tyresö's defensive lapses ©UEFA.com

Goalscorers Marta and Véronica Boquete acknowledged Tyresö FF had run out of steam in the UEFA Women's Champions League final against VfL Wolfsburg, conceding four times in the second period to let slip a 2-0 half-time lead in a 4-3 defeat. While Marta, who scored two brilliant goals for the Swedish side, putting them 1-0 and 3-2 up, described the goals that allowed the holders back into the match as "very cheap, very easy", Boquete told UEFA.com a more solid defensive showing would have led to a different outcome.

Marta, Tyresö forward
We played a fantastic first half. We always defended well and scored two goals. In the second half we didn't have the same drive that we started with. We were maybe a bit disconnected from the match, and in a final something like that can't happen. We conceded two very cheap goals – very easy – and we ended up conceding a third goal from [our] hesitation. These things happen.

The match was very well contested, both teams were at a high level. When we were in the lead we didn't have the complete control, both psychologically and on the pitch, to [stay in front] until the end of the match. This is something that happens in football, and life will continue.

It leaves us a bit sad, because we would have liked to finished this cycle with Tyresö with a success, to win the Champions League. But for us players, in a way, to go as far as we did, with so many difficulties, so many problems that we had during the whole route, I think it's already a great success. It's something special, and this group, without a doubt, is to be congratulated.

Véronica Boquete, Tyresö forward
It's hard, because we played very well in the first half. We practically had things completely under control. [Conceding] that quick goal [in the second half] makes it difficult and you start to doubt. You start making mistakes, and the second and third goals we conceded when we had a player less on the pitch, and they benefited from that situation. It is hard to reach a final, but even harder to lose it while scoring three goals.

If we had stopped them from scoring, everything would have been different, but the team kept showing what we could do, even when we conceded that second goal. We kept on trying. We made it 3-2, and after that goal it was the same. I'd like to say that I am proud of the team. We gave everything we had today. We can only applaud those efforts and applaud the champions.

We have to consider that some of us came here without having played or trained with the team. Coming into a final that way is difficult mentally. But we made it until here and fought until the end. They won it, but it could have been us.

You always want to do your best and it is never enough, but under the circumstances it's hard to do a lot more: just try everything and help the team in every possible way, and the only thing that remains is that we lost the final. It's hard to lose a final, and even harder with [the fans] here, but it's a bit of a consolation that they're here and they're still proud.