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Meet Wolfsburg with captain Nilla Fischer

Nilla Fischer introduces the Wolfsburg players who will be attempting to land the club's third UEFA Women's Champions League when they face Lyon on Thursday.

Nilla Fischer on the move for Wolsburg: 'An amazing chef'
Nilla Fischer on the move for Wolsburg: 'An amazing chef' ©Sportsfile

1 Almuth Schult (goalkeeper)
Almuth has been my room-mate since I got here – I don't know anyone who can fall asleep as fast as she can during the day.

2 Luisa Wensing (defender)
Luisa is just a funny person. She's brilliant to have in the team: there's a lot of emotions with Luisa and that's always fun.

3 Zsanett Jakabfi (midfielder)
Zsanett is also a funny girl. In games she always runs until she can't run any more, until someone has to carry her off.

4 Nilla Fischer (defender)
An amazing chef! But seriously, I would say I'm a strong leader and I always give my best for the team.

Synne Jensen: 'A little bit out there'
Synne Jensen: 'A little bit out there'©Sportsfile

7 Synne Jensen (forward)
One of our youngest players and a very technical player. Sometimes she's a little bit out there, but she's an amazing person.

8 Babett Peter (defender)
I would say she's the master chef in our team – and a player who always gives everything on the field.

9 Anna Blässe (midfielder)
A player and a person full of energy. I think she never, ever relaxes. Definitely one of our fastest players.

Tessa Wullaert parks where she wants
Tessa Wullaert parks where she wants©Getty Images

10 Tessa Wullaert (forward)
She thinks she can park her car wherever she wants. She's a dangerous striker and I predict she will be really good for us in the years ahead.

11 Alexandra Popp (forward)
She's a very strong header, one of the best I've played with and against. And she's also a leader for the team

12 Jana Burmeister (goalkeeper)
Jana is just a very relaxed and funny person. I just totally like her.

16 Noelle Maritz (defender)
A very good dancer, I would say. She will be so good in the future.

17 Ewa Pajor (forward)
A technical player, she just needs to find her place in the side. However, she's also a strong team player.

18 Vanessa Bernauer (midfielder)
Every day I ask her where she bought her clothes – she's really into fashion. But she's a strong player on the pitch, a strong tackler and a good header.

Ramona Bachmann without her statement bag
Ramona Bachmann without her statement bag©Getty Images

19 Ramona Bachmann (forward)
She always has her Louis Vuitton bag with her and I'm always making fun of her for that. But on the field she has extremely good technique and pace. She is, and will continue to be, very important for us.

20 Stephanie Bunte (defender)
Nicknamed 'Ghetto' in the dressing room. She's a strong team player, always there for the team. She never thinks about herself, it's always about the group.

21 Lara Dickenmann (midfielder)
A good technical player. She has a lot of experience and she's brought a lot of power to the team.

24 Joelle Wedemeyer (defender)
It's like she has no nerves. She goes into games and plays like she's been playing at this level for ten years.

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26 Caroline Graham Hansen (midfielder)
Caroline is one of the best technical players I've seen. She's extremely good with the ball one against one – and she's also amazing in the kitchen.

27 Isabel Kerschowski (midfielder)
I wouldn't want to play against her with that speed and that strength. She's just awesome for us.

28 Lena Goessling (midfielder)
Our princess in the team, I would say, but with great passing skills. She's one of our best players.

29 Merle Frohms (goalkeeper)
An up-and-coming goalie: she's getting better and better every year.

30 Élise Bussaglia (midfielder)
A very calm person, I like her sense of humour and she has a very good eye for the game.

31 Julia Simic (midfielder)
She's just so much fun. She's a player who always gives everything and does a lot of talking on the pitch. She's also a technical player.

32 Manon Klett (goalkeeper)
She has good potential and she has the height to be a top keeper in the future.