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Women's Champions League first qualifying round draw

The 20 single-legged ties are set to be played on 3 and 4 November.


The UEFA Women's Champions League first qualifying round draw involved 40 clubs, paired into 20 single-legged ties to be played on 3 and 4 November.

First qualifying round draw (3/4 November)

CSKA Moskva (RUS) vs Flora Tallinn (EST)
ŽFK Spartak (SRB) vs Agarista-ȘS Anenii Noi (MDA)
WFC-2 Kharkiv (UKR) vs Alashkert (ARM)
Valur (ISL) vs HJK Helsinki (FIN)
Górnik Łęczna (POL) vs ŽNK Split (CRO)
Gintra Universitetas (LTU) vs Slovan Bratislava (SVK)
St. Pölten (AUT) vs Mitrovica (KOS)
Anderlecht (BEL) vs Linfield (NIR)
PAOK (GRE) vs SL Benfica (POR)
Vllaznia (ALB) vs ALG Spor (TUR)
FC Minsk (BLR) vs Rīgas FS (LVA)
Pomurje (SVN) vs Breznica Pljevlja (MNE)
Okzhetpes (KAZ) vs Lanchkhuti (GEO)
Vålerenga (NOR) vs KÍ Klaksvík (FRO)
Apollon LFC (CYP) vs Swansea City (WAL)
Ferencváros (HUN) vs Racing FC Union Luxembourg (LUX)
NSA Sofia (BUL) vs Kamenica Sasa (MKD)
Glasgow City (SCO) vs Peamount United (IRL)
Olimpia Cluj (ROU) vs Birkirkara (MLT)
SFK 2000 Sarajevo (BIH) vs Ramat Hasharon (ISR)

  • The winners progress to the second qualifying round, with the ten victors at that stage then joining the 22 clubs given byes to the round of 32
  • Debutants: ALG Spor, Benfica, CSKA Moskva, Ramat HaSharon, Kamenica Sasa, Lanchkhuti, Okzhetpes, Racing FC Union, Vålerenga
  • KÍ Klaksvík and SFK 2000 Sarajevo are entering for a record 18th season, equal with round of 32 contenders Brøndby (who like Sarajevo are in Europe for an 18th consecutive year)
  • Glasgow City reached the quarter-finals for the second time last season; Valur made that stage in 2005/06 and their opponents this season HJK Helsinki got there in 2002/03
  • Last season Vllaznia and Mitrovica both became the first teams from their nations to reach the round of 32
  • FC Minsk, Gintra Universitetas and Olimpia Cluj have previously got to the round of 16
  • Spartak beat Anenii Noi 12-0 in last season's qualifying round
  • Anderlecht beat Linfield 3-1 in Brussels in last season's qualifying round
  • Olimpia Cluj defeated Birkirkara in the 2012/13 and 2018/19 qualifying rounds

Tournament calendar

First qualifying round: 3/4 November 2020
Second qualifying round draw: 12:00 CET, 6 November 2020, Nyon
Second qualifying round: 18/19 November 2020
Round of 32 draw: 12:00 CET, 24 November 2020, Nyon
Round of 32: 9/10 & 15/16 December 2020
Round of 16 draw: 16 February 2021
Round of 16: 3/4 & 10/11 March 2021
Quarter-final & semi-final draw: 12 March 2021
Quarter-finals: 23/24 March & 31 March/1 April 2021
Semi-finals: 24/25 April & 1/2 May 2021
Final: 16 May 2021 (Gamla Ullevi, Gothenburg)

Draw procedure

The UEFA administration formed groups for the qualifying round draws based on the following principles:

• Seeding of clubs based on the club coefficient rankings
• In every group an equal number of seeded and unseeded clubs (50% seeded; 50% unseeded)
• Clubs from Russia and Kosovo, Serbia and Kosovo, and Bosnia & Herzegovina and Kosovo cannot be drawn against each other
• Other elements such as Covid-19 travel restrictions and geographical approach

The 40 teams were divided into ten groups of four teams. Within the ten groups, the 40 teams were divided equally as 20 seeded teams and 20 unseeded.

All clubs in the ten groups were ordered randomly and identified by a number: 1 to 2 for the seeded teams and 3 to 4 for the unseeded teams. Two bowls were prepared, one containing balls with slips of paper numbered 1 to 2 for the seeded teams and the other containing balls with slips of paper numbered 3 to 4 for the unseeded teams.

A ball was taken from each bowl and placed in an empty bowl in the middle, where they were shuffled. One of the two balls was drawn at random, then opened to display the number it contained. The second ball was drawn to complete the pairing.

The result of this draw applied to all ten groups. For example, if the first ball drawn contained the number 1 and the second the number 4, the clubs that were assigned the numbers 1 and 4 in each of the ten groups would play each other. In addition, the first ball drawn here, containing the number 1, designated the home team for the single leg, and so on for all ten groups. The same procedure was carried out with the remaining balls to complete all the pairings.


Group 1:

1 CSKA Moskva (RUS)
2 FC Minsk (BLR)
3 Flora Tallinn (EST)
4 Rīgas FS (LVA)

Group 2:

1 ŽFK Spartak (SRB)
2 Pomurje (SVN)
3 Agarista-ȘS Anenii Noi (MDA)
4 Breznica Pljevlja (MNE)

Group 3:

1 WFC-2 Kharkiv (UKR)
2 Okzhetpes (KAZ)
3 Alashkert (ARM)
4 Lanchkhuti (GEO)

Group 4:

1 Valur (ISL)
2 Vålerenga (NOR)

3 HJK Helsinki (FIN)
4 KÍ Klaksvík (FRO)

Group 5:

1 Górnik Łęczna (POL)
2 Apollon LFC (CYP)
3 ŽNK Split (CRO)
4 Swansea City (WAL)

Group 6:

1 Gintra Universitetas (LTU)
2 Ferencváros (HUN)
3 Slovan Bratislava (SVK)
4 Racing FC Union Luxembourg (LUX)

Group 7:

1 St. Pölten (AUT)
2 NSA Sofia (BUL)
3 Mitrovica (KOS)
4 Kamenica Sasa (MKD)

Group 8:

1 Anderlecht (BEL)
2 Glasgow City (SCO)
3 Linfield (NIR)
4 Peamount United (IRL)

Group 9:

2 Olimpia Cluj (ROU)
3 SL Benfica (POR)
4 Birkirkara (MLT)

Group 10:

1 Vllaznia (ALB)
2 SFK 2000 Sarajevo (BIH)
3 ALG Spor (TUR)
4 Ramat Hasharon (ISR)

Coefficient rankings

1 Glasgow City (SCO) 36.590
2 FC Minsk (BLR) 25.270
3 St. Pölten (AUT) 23.950
4 ŽFK Spartak (SRB) 20.615
5 Gintra Universitetas (LTU) 19.285
6 Apollon LFC (CYP) 16.280
7 SFK 2000 Sarajevo (BIH) 15.960
8 Olimpia Cluj (ROU) 14.630
9 PAOK (GRE) 10.635
10 Anderlecht (BEL) 10.125
11 Okzhetpes (KAZ) 9.570
12 Ferencváros (HUN) 9.470
13 Vllaznia (ALB) 9.310
14 Vålerenga (NOR) 9.075
15 Valur (ISL) 8.580
16 Górnik Łęczna (POL) 8.285
17 CSKA Moskva (RUS) 7.425
18 WFC Pomurje (SVN) 6.980
19 NSA Sofia (BUL) 5.985
20 WFC-2 Kharkiv (UKR) 4.800
21 Mitrovica (KOS) 4.320
22 Slovan Bratislava (SVK) 4.320
23 Breznica Pljevlja (MNE) 3.990
24 SL Benfica (POR) 3.960
25 Ramat HaSharon (ISR) 3.650
26 HJK Helsinki (FIN) 3.465
27 KÍ Klaksvík (FRO) 3.325
28 ŽNK Split (CRO) 3.310
29 Flora Tallinn (EST) 2.485
30 Peamount United (IRL) 2.475
31 ALG Spor (TUR) 2.475
32 Linfield (NIR) 1.660
33 Rīgas FS (LVA) 1.330
34 Swansea City (WAL) 1.155
35 Birkirkara (MLT) 0.830
36 Agarista-ȘS Anenii Noi (MDA) 0.165
37 Alashkert (ARM) 0.000
38 Lanchkhuti (GEO) 0.000
39 Racing FC Union Luxembourg (LUX) 0.000
40 Kamenica Sasa (MKD) 0.000