Common cause attracts opposites

Umeå IK's Malin Moström and Frida Östberg may play side by side, but their personalities contrast completely.

By Chipp Reid

Malin Moström and Frida Östberg may play side by side in the Umeå IK midfield, but their personalities could not be more different.

Winning combination
While team captain Moström describes herself as "calm and steady", Östberg - famed for her constantly-changing hair colour - is, in her own words, "pretty loud". Still, the combination must work, because holders Umeå lead 1. FFC Frankfurt 3-0 going into the second leg of their UEFA Women's Cup final in Germany on Saturday.

'Calm and steady'
The 2001 Swedish Player of the Year, Moström is unfazed on the field. "That is just the way I am," she said. "I am not the kind of player that shouts or anything. I just try to be calm and steady."

No revenge
Nor is she out for revenge against Frankfurt, even though they contain several of the German side that pipped Sweden in extra time in last year's FIFA Women's World Cup final. "I do not really look for revenge or things like that," Moström said. "I do not think a lot of girls do. We go out and play hard and that is it.

Captain's responsibility
"I am just not that kind of a person. I like to be relaxed on the field. I think that is part of my responsibility as captain." Even when it comes to referees, she is not one to dispute decisions. "I know how I would feel if someone started yelling at me so I do not want to do that to someone else," she added. "I really don't question the referees too much. I just ask them what we did wrong."

Different approach
Östberg, does not quite take that attitude. "I have got a few cards for the things I have said," she laughed. "I could tell you [what I have said], but you couldn't print any of it. So I guess I won't tell you!" And it is not only officials that feel the sharp end of her tongue. "Yeah, I can be pretty loud on the field," Östberg added. "I think it is because of my hair. I am a natural redhead."

Stark contrast
Hair colour is not the only thing that differentiates Östberg from brunette Moström. "I think Malin and I are complete opposites," Östberg admitted. "She is the offensive player in the midfield and I am the defensive player. She's quiet and I can be kind of loud. It is fun."

'I do not like losing'
There is one thing she does not find fun, though. "I do not like losing at anything," Ostberg said. "If a player beats me, then I want to get her the next time."

'Good person'
However, despite the words to referees and the lust for revenge, Moström inevitably, takes a relaxed view of Ostberg. "You have got to ask Frida about the bad things and me about the good, but Frida is a good person," Mostrom said. After a pause, she added: "Me? I only get mad at home."