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Women's European Qualifiers: All the matches

See the results so far and the matches to come in Women's EURO 2025 qualifying.

Finland celebrate their winner against Italy
Finland celebrate their winner against Italy LEHTIKUVA/AFP via Getty Images

The new-look Women's European Qualifiers are now in progress.

In total, 51 teams are competing across three leagues for a mixture of direct tickets to UEFA Women's EURO 2025 in Switzerland, play-off berths, and promotion and relegation places ahead of the next UEFA Women's Nations League.

See below for all the results so far and fixtures to come in the league stage (kick-off times for Matchdays 5 and 6 to be confirmed).

Women's European Qualifiers groups

League A

Group A1: Netherlands, Italy, Norway, Finland

Group A2: Spain, Denmark, Belgium, Czechia

Group A3: France, England (holders), Sweden, Republic of Ireland

Group A4: Germany, Austria, Iceland, Poland

League B

Group B1: Switzerland (finals hosts), Hungary, Türkiye, Azerbaijan

Group B2: Scotland, Serbia, Slovakia, Israel

Group B3: Portugal, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Northern Ireland, Malta

Group B4: Wales, Croatia, Ukraine, Kosovo

League C

Group C1: Belarus, Lithuania, Cyprus, Georgia

Group C2: Slovenia, Latvia, North Macedonia, Moldova

Group C3: Greece, Montenegro, Andorra, Faroe Islands

Group C4: Romania, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Armenia

Group C5: Albania, Estonia, Luxembourg

Group standings

League stage fixtures and results

All times CET

Matchday 1

Friday 5 April 2024

Group A1 
Norway 4-0 Finland 
Italy 2-0 Netherlands

Group A2 
Czechia 1-3 Denmark 
Belgium 0-7 Spain

Group A3 
England 1-1 Sweden 
France 1-0 Republic of Ireland 

Group A4 
Iceland 3-0 Poland
Austria 2-3 Germany 

France enjoy their winner against Ireland
France enjoy their winner against IrelandSportsfile via Getty Images

Group B1 
Hungary 1-1 Azerbaijan
Switzerland 3-1 Türkiye

Group B2 
Slovakia 2-0 Israel 
Serbia 0-0 Scotland 

Group B3 
Northern Ireland 0-0 Malta
Portugal 3-0 Bosnia and Herzegovina 

Group B4 
Ukraine 2-0 Kosovo 
Wales 4-0 Croatia

Malta celebrate their point in Northern Ireland
Malta celebrate their point in Northern IrelandGetty Images

Group C1 
Cyprus 0-3 Belarus 
Georgia 2-2 Lithuania

Group C2 
Slovenia 2-0 Moldova 
Latvia 3-4 North Macedonia

Group C3 
Montenegro 6-1 Andorra 
Greece 1-0 Faroe Islands 

Group C4 
Kazakhstan 0-1 Bulgaria 
Armenia 0-5 Romania 

Group C5 
Luxembourg 2-1 Albania

Wales celebrate scoring against Croatia
Wales celebrate scoring against CroatiaGetty Images

Matchday 2

Tuesday 9 April 2024

Group A1 
Finland 2-1 Italy
Netherlands 1-0 Norway 

Group A2 
Denmark 4-2 Belgium
Spain 3-1 Czechia

Group A3 
Sweden 0-1 France
Republic of Ireland 0-2 England

Group A4 
Poland 1-3 Austria 
Germany 3-1 Iceland

Germany defeated Iceland 3-1 in Aachen
Germany defeated Iceland 3-1 in AachenAFP via Getty Images

Group B1 
Azerbaijan 0-4 Switzerland 
Türkiye 2-1 Hungary

Group B2 
Israel 2-4 Serbia
Scotland 1-0 Slovakia 

Group B3 
Bosnia and Herzegovina 1-3 Northern Ireland 
Malta 0-2 Portugal

Northern Ireland won in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Northern Ireland won in Bosnia and HerzegovinaFedja Krvavac

Group B4 
Kosovo 0-6 Wales 
Croatia 1-0 Ukraine

Group C1 
Lithuania 1-0 Cyprus
Belarus 3-0 Georgia

Group C2 
North Macedonia 0-5 Slovenia 
Moldova 0-1 Latvia 

Group C3 
Montenegro 5-1 Faroe Islands
Andorra 0-3 Greece

Group C4 
Bulgaria 2-3 Armenia 
Romania 1-0 Kazakhstan

Group C5 
Albania 2-0 Estonia 

Matchday 3

Friday 31 May 2024

Group A1 
Norway vs Italy (18:00)
Netherlands vs Finland (20:45)

Group A2 
Czechia vs Belgium (18:30)
Denmark vs Spain (19:00)

Women's EURO 2022 highlights: Denmark 0-1 Spain

Group A3 
Republic of Ireland vs Sweden (20:30)
England vs France (21:00)

Group A4 
Austria vs Iceland (18:00)
Germany vs Poland (20:30)

Group B1 
Türkiye vs Azerbaijan (19:00)
Switzerland vs Hungary (20:00)

Group B2 
Serbia vs Slovakia (18:00)
Scotland vs Israel (20:05)

Group B3 
Malta vs Bosnia and Herzegovina (19:30)
Portugal vs Northern Ireland (21:45)

Group B4 
Kosovo vs Croatia (17:00)
Wales vs Ukraine (20:15)

Group C1 
Cyprus vs Georgia (18:00)
Lithuania vs Belarus - match cancelled

Group C2 
North Macedonia vs Moldova (17:00)
Slovenia vs Latvia (18:00)

Group C3 
Greece vs Montenegro (17:00)
Faroe Islands vs Andorra

Group C4 
Armenia vs Kazakhstan (15:00)
Romania vs Bulgaria (18:00)

Group C5 
Estonia vs Albania (17:00)

Matchday 4

Tuesday 4 June 2024

Group A1 
Italy vs Norway (18:15)
Finland vs Netherlands

Group A2 
Belgium vs Czechia (20:00)
Spain vs Denmark (21:30)

Group A3 
Sweden vs Republic of Ireland (18:30)
France vs England (21:00)

Women's EURO 2017 highlights: England 1-0 France

Group A4 
Poland vs Germany (18:00)
Iceland vs Austria (21:30)

Group B1 
Azerbaijan vs Türkiye (17:00)
Hungary vs Switzerland (17:30)

Group B2 
Israel vs Scotland (16:00)
Slovakia vs Serbia (18:00)

Group B3  
Bosnia and Herzegovina vs Malta
 Northern Ireland vs Portugal (20:00)

Group B4 
Croatia vs Kosovo (20:00)
Ukraine vs Wales (20:00)

Group C1 
Georgia vs Cyprus (18:00)
Belarus vs Lithuania - match cancelled

Group C2 
Latvia vs Slovenia (17:00)
Moldova vs North Macedonia (18:00)

Group C3 
Faroe Islands vs Greece (17:45)
Andorra vs Montenegro

Group C4 
Kazakhstan vs Armenia (16:00)
Bulgaria vs Romania (18:00)

Group C5 
Albania vs Luxembourg (18:00)

Matchday 5

Friday 12 July 2024

Group A1 
Finland vs Norway 
Netherlands vs Italy 

Group A2 
Belgium vs Denmark 
Czechia vs Spain 

Group A3 
England vs Republic of Ireland 
France vs Sweden 

Group A4 
Austria vs Poland 
Iceland vs Germany 

Group B1 
Azerbaijan vs Hungary 
Türkiye vs Switzerland 

Group B2 
Serbia vs Israel 
Slovakia vs Scotland 

Group B3 
Bosnia and Herzegovina vs Portugal 
Malta vs Northern Ireland 

Group B4 
Croatia vs Wales 
Kosovo vs Ukraine 

Group C1 
Cyprus vs Lithuania 
Georgia vs Belarus

Group C2 
North Macedonia vs Latvia 
Moldova vs Slovenia 

Group C3 
Greece vs Andorra 
Faroe Islands vs Montenegro 

Group C4 
Armenia vs Bulgaria 
Kazakhstan vs Romania 

Group C5 
Luxembourg vs Estonia 

Matchday 6

Tuesday 16 July 2024

Group A1 
Norway vs Netherlands 
Italy vs Finland 

Group A2 
Spain vs Belgium 
Denmark vs Czechia 

Group A3 
Sweden vs England 
Republic of Ireland vs France 

Group A4 
Germany vs Austria 
Poland vs Iceland 

Women's EURO 2022 highlights: Germany 2-0 Austria

Group B1 
Switzerland vs Azerbaijan 
Hungary vs Türkiye

Group B2 
Scotland vs Serbia 
Israel vs Slovakia 

Group B3 
Portugal vs Malta 
Northern Ireland vs Bosnia and Herzegovina 

Group B4 
Wales vs Kosovo 
Ukraine vs Croatia 

Group C1 
Lithuania vs Georgia 
Belarus vs Cyprus 

Group C2 
Slovenia vs North Macedonia 
Latvia vs Moldova 

Group C3 
Andorra vs Faroe Islands
Montenegro vs Greece 

Group C4 
Romania vs Armenia 
Bulgaria vs Kazakhstan 

Group C5
Estonia vs Luxembourg 

Women's national team competitions explained

How qualifying works

League phase

In qualifying, as per the league stage of the Nations League, teams compete in groups of four or three teams (League C) and over six matchdays between April and July, with each team playing one home match and one away match against all the other teams in their group.

For qualifying itself, the top two teams in each League A group will gain places in the July 2025 finals alongside hosts Switzerland (who will compete in League B although their automatic qualification is assured). The remaining seven spots will be decided by two rounds of play-offs in October and November/December.


The first round of the play-offs is split into two paths. In one path, the teams finishing third and fourth in League A will play the five group winners and three best-ranked runners-up in League C. (For ranking the three best runners-up, results against fourth-placed teams are not counted.) The eight winners progress to the second round.

In the other first round path, the four group winners and two best-ranked runners-up in League B will be drawn into six ties against the remaining two runners-up and four third-placed teams in League B. The six winners progress to the second round.

In the second round, the teams from both paths come together and will be drawn into seven ties, with seeding for the seven highest-ranked teams based on the European Qualifiers overall league rankings. The seven winners progress to the final tournament.

The play-off paths will be adjusted as necessary to take into account the performance of Women's EURO hosts Switzerland, who will compete in League B but are guaranteed a slot in the final tournament.

If Switzerland finish as a League B winner, runner-up or in third place, the best-ranked fourth-placed team of League B will complete the round 1 path 2 play-off line-up and the draw seeding for the six ties will be adjusted accordingly.

Promotion and relegation

Promotion and relegation will also be at stake ahead of the next UEFA Women's Nations League, beginning the 2025–27 competition cycle:

• The winners, runners-up and third-placed teams of League A stay in League A;

• The runners-up and three best-ranked third-placed teams in League B stay in League B;

• The runners-up, third-placed and fourth-placed teams in League C stay in League C;

• The winners of Leagues B and C will be promoted to the league above;

• All fourth-placed teams in Leagues A and B, as well as the lowest-ranked third-placed team of League B, will be relegated to the league below.

Women's EURO 2025 calendar

Play-off draw: 19 July 2024
Play-off round 1 (2 legs): 23–29 October 2024
Play-off round 2 (2 legs): 27 November–3 December 2024
Finals draw: 16 December 2024
Finals: 2–27 July 2025 (Switzerland)

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