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Captain Hegland runs rule over finalists Norway

From a goalkeeping poet to a waiter via an international handball player, captain Kristine Hegland introduces the Norway squad vying for UEFA European Women's U19 Championship glory.

Norway skipper Kristine Hegland sizes up Melissa Bjånesøy and Ida Aardalen
Norway skipper Kristine Hegland sizes up Melissa Bjånesøy and Ida Aardalen ©Sportsfile

We've got a very good atmosphere in the squad, it's a terrific group and there's a real togetherness about us. It's good to have players from a variety of age groups – the mixture works well. We're very ready for the game against Germany and all the players want to overturn the 3-1 defeat by them in the opening group match.

1 Ane Fimreite (Avaldsnes IL)
Ane; she's a fantastic goalkeeper and has done very well for us here. It means a lot to us having her there at the back.

2 Anja Sønstevold (Kolbotn IL)
Anja smiles all the time. She's always very happy and she should be because she has a very nice right foot.

3 Ingrid Søndenå (Røa IL)
Ingrid's done very well at this tournament. She's very strong at the back, good in the air and hard in the tackle.

4 Maren Knudsen (Arna-Bjørnar Fotball)
Knud is a team-mate of mine at Arna-Bjørnar. She's fantastic in defence, tough and really complements Ingrid Søndenå at centre-back – they're a good match.

5 Anette Tengesdal (Klepp IL)
Anette has an excellent left foot, very nice. She is very good, very dependable at the back.

6 Maria Thorisdottir (Klepp IL)
Maria's as good with her feet as she is with her hands – she also plays for the Norwegian national handball team, where her father is the coach. She's a calm presence at the base of our midfield.

7 Andrine Hegerberg (Kolbotn IL)
A friend of mine saw Andrine in La Manga. He said that if she hadn't played football she'd have made a good waiter because she's good at giving the ball on a plate to everyone.

8 Ina Skaug (Stabæk FK)
A very calm presence on the ball, with a good reading of the game. She can play all over and having been a midfielder, at Stabæk she's started to play at the back.

9 Caroline Hansen (Stabæk FK)
Caroline is the second youngest in the team. She's got fantastic dribbling skills, is calm with the ball and, as she showed against Italy, she can come on and change a game.

10 Melissa Bjånesøy (IL Sandviken)
What can I say? She scores all the time, a real goal-getter. She's an excellent player and has made a big difference to the side. In Norway we're enemies, her for Sandviken and me with Arne-Bjørnar, but here we're good mates.

11 Kristine Hegland (Arna-Bjørnar Fotball)
I think I run a lot and work for the team. You'll have to ask the others.

12 Kirvil Odden (Røa IL)
My room-mate: she's very good on the pitch and also means a lot to the team off it, from a social side. She has said a poem at every pre-match meeting since getting on the team and over the past few days she's turned to songs. Very creative.

13 Cathrine Dekkerhus (Stabæk FK)
Dekker is very good in the midfield and wins a lot of possession. She has a good reading of the game and a good array of passes – like Andrine. She's half Danish.

14 Ada Hegerberg (Kolbotn IL)
She's the youngest here at 15 and has done very well, scoring against Italy in the semis. She is hard working, excellent in one-on-ones and does it all with a smile – she's always happy.

15 Else Vassbø (Klepp IL)
Else's made two or three good substitute appearances here. She's like a few of our midfielders: she wins a lot of tackles and has good distribution.

16 Ida Aardalen (Sarpsborg 08 FF)
Ida has a terrific right foot, she's very good. When she hits the ball it stays hit. She can play as a holding midfielder or at centre-back and is equally good at both.

17 Josephine Stautland (Avaldsnes IL)
Joseph hasn't played here yet but she's only 17 and her time will come. Like Caroline, our No9, she's great on the ball and an excellent dribbler. Watch out for her next year.

18 Guro Reiten (Sunndal Fotball)
Guro hasn't been with us for long but she's done well. She's hard-working, has a lovely left foot and scored against Spain.

Kristine Hegland was speaking to John Atkin