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Player by player guide to the Spain squad

A resident DJ, a trumpet player and a future doctor – Sonia Fraile (who is one of those) introduces the Spain squad bidding for European glory in Oslo on Sunday.

Sonia Fraile talks to UEFA.com
Sonia Fraile talks to UEFA.com ©Sportsfile

1 Paula Canals (goalkeeper, RCD Espanyol de Barcelona)
Our resident DJ. She is the one responsible for the music in the dressing room and at the disco. She likes electro.

2 Celia Jiménez (defender, Iowa Western Reivers)
A player who knows how to put pressure on opponents and how to lead a team during the match.

3 Marta Turmo (defender, FC Barcelona)
A very valuable player for the team. She knows how to put pressure on the opponents and fights for every ball. She runs a lot.

4 Garazi Murua (defender, Athletic Club)
A player with character. She is a real fighter on the pitch.

5 Nuria Garrote (defender, FC Barcelona)
A high quality player who can inspire the whole team.

6 Leire Baños (midfielder, Real Sociedad de Fútbol)
If I had to describe her in just one word then it would be 'strong'. She is also very shy.

7 María Díaz (forward, CD Transportes Alcaine)
She plays the trumpet so maybe we could even organise a band.

8 María Caldentey (forward, UD Collerense)
Very smart. What more can I say?

9 Maitane López (defender, UD Collerense)
She is a very cheerful girl with a real sparkle. On the pitch she needs a little bit of time to distribute the ball.

10 Núria Mendoza (defender, RCD Espanyol de Barcelona)
She is a very optimistic person, she will always help you out with anything you need, both on and off the pitch.

11 Sheila Guijarro (forward, Levante UD)
A very good team-mate, always fighting for the ball, very physical. She is a striker but she always plays for the team.

12 Nahikari García (forward, Real Sociedad de Fútbol)
Very self-assured but at the same time she is a very responsible person.

13 Sara Serrat (goalkeeper, Sporting de Huelva)
A very confident goalkeeper who transmits her confidence to the whole team during matches.

14 Sonia Fraile (midfielder, Sporting Plaza de Argel)
Coach Jorge Vilda: She is an extremely intelligent girl who wants to be a doctor.

15 Ainoa Campo (forward, CD Parquesol)
As a player she has a very good vision of the game.

16 Andrea Sánchez (forward, FC Barcelona)
Has a very good left foot and knows how to get the ball into the net. She is very strong.

17 Alba Redondo (midfielder, Fundación Albacete)
A very fast midfielder with very good dribbling skills.

18 Paola Soldevila (defender, CEF San Gabriel)
She is fast, finishes every chance and never seems to get nervous on the pitch.

Sonia Fraile was talking to Yulia Zenkovich