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Two heads better than one for Switzerland

Heard the one about a team who elected to have two captains? Introducing Lesley Ramseier and Julia Stierli, who take turns to wear the armband for Switzerland.

Switzerland captains Julia Stierli and Lesley Ramseier
Switzerland captains Julia Stierli and Lesley Ramseier ©Sportsfile

When Lesley Ramseier and Julia Stierli were both elected captain by their Switzerland team-mates, instead of demanding a recount, they leapt at the chance to job-share. UEFA.com caught up with them to hear about their unique arrangement.

UEFA.com: How did you both become captains?
Lesley Ramseier: We had an election and it was tied, so instead of a second vote we went ahead with it and our coach, Nora Häuptle, was really excited by the outcome.

Julia Stierli: There is no rivalry between us. We are both supportive of each other and if one of us does well, the other is happy. We do it on a rotation basis, so I'll have the armband one game and then Lesley will have it the next.

Ramseier: I think that works well, to be honest. We can't both wear the armband, but we are both leaders on the field in every game. We generally are both in the starting line-up – although it helps that I'm a midfielder and she is a defender!

UEFA.com: Do you have different responsibilities?
Stierli: No. It's difficult to say how we divide captain duties. I don't really think we do. We are lucky that we have a good harmony and spirit within the camp, so being a captain in this team isn't hard work.

Ramseier: It's easier to be more authoritative with two of us, if we need to. The fact the team voted for us both helps and reinforces the mutual respect within the squad. We also voted for each other.


UEFA.com: So it wasn't a shock at the polls?
Ramseier: Not really, no. We were in a meeting room at our training base in Switzerland and when it was announced, there wasn't any discussion. Everyone said we should both take it on together.

UEFA.com: What kind of leaders are you?
Ramseier: We lead by example. We are both quite quiet captains, in that respect. We try to be the bridge between the team and the coaching staff, as any captain does.

Stierli: It has given us some good experience. We are both at the same club, Zürich, and play in the women's senior team where there are many more experienced players than us, so it's nice to have this responsibility at international level.

UEFA.com: Who lifts the trophy if you win the competition?
Ramseier: It has been suggested we ask for two trophies.