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Hammarlund's inside track on finalists Sweden

Sweden forward Pauline Hammarlund introduces her team-mates ahead of the final, from a couple of quiet defenders to a forward in the form of her life via a midfielder that never shuts up.

Pauline Hammarlund speaks to UEFA.com about her team-mates
Pauline Hammarlund speaks to UEFA.com about her team-mates ©Sportsfile

1 Jessica Höglander (Gideonsbergs IF)
A really good goalkeeper. She talks a lot and is very good at instructing defenders. She commands her area. She is a really good friend and a very happy person.

2 Alice Nilsson (Kristianstads DFF)
A good attacking defender. Brilliant at reading the game and she can cross the ball really well. She has a good sense of humour.

3 Amanda Ilestedt (FC Malmö)
Our captain. She is very clever and always calm and assured like a captain should be. She is strong and great in the air. She is a really good player. She rises to the occasion in big games, talks a lot and directs the team.

4 Jennie Nordin (AIK Fotboll)
A centre-back, very tall and good in the air. Also strong and very funny. There is always joking in the changing rooms but when it comes to the game we are very serious.

5 Magdalena Ericsson (Djurgårdens IF DFF)
Our left-back. She has a great left foot and is also very good at crossing. She is quite quiet but when she talks it's normally something funny. She is also very smart.

6 Therése Boström (AIK Fotboll)
She is a good crosser and good with the ball at her feet. As a person she is quite quiet but lovely.

7 Petra Andersson (AIK Fotboll)
She is very good with the ball, great technique and very skilful. She is very good at reading the game and provides good passes for our forwards.

8 Malin Diaz (AIK Fotboll)
She has great technique, very good with the ball. She is fun to be with and also very intelligent on and off the field.

9 Pauline Hammarlund (Tyresö FF)
I am a good finisher. Confident in front of goal. I don't talk very much. I like to be in the background but I hope I'm pretty funny and people like to talk to me!

10 Elin Rubensson (FC Malmö)
I have never seen her play as well as she has this tournament. I play alongside her as a forward and she is really good at reading the game and we have struck up a good connection. She is a great finisher. Very calm.

11 Jonna Andersson (Linköpings FC)
She is really fast and great with the ball. Her best quality is her pace. She is very calm and doesn't talk much.

12 Linga Ringshamre (Sundsvalls DFF)
Also a very happy person and a great team-mate. She is the second goalkeeper and is always happy and there to support you.

13 Hannah Glas (Sundvalls DFF)
A great defender. She is very good at marking people and preventing the opposition from scoring. She is always very happy, laughs a lot and can talk to you about anything.

14 Julia Wahlberg (Tölö IF)
One of our younger players. She is a really good player. She plays in a defensive midfield role and protects the defence.

15 Fridolina Rolfö (Jitex BK)
She talks a lot. You hear her a lot! She is very versatile and has a fine left foot and a good shot. Also good with the ball.

16 Lina Hurtig (Umeå IK)
She is the other young player. I have been really impressed by her. She played really well against Spain. She is always very calm. She should be nervous because this is her first big tournament but she is very cool.

17 Saga Fredriksson (FC Malmö)
She hasn't played yet this tournament but she is very supportive of her team-mates. She is always very happy and talks a lot. She is always there to answer your questions.

18 Mimmi Löfwenius (Göteborg FC)
The biggest joker in the team. If you can't hear her there is something wrong! On the field she is very fast, direct and hard working. She runs a lot to win the ball for her team.

Pauline Hammarlund was speaking to Sam Crompton