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Working at UEFA

FAQ: working at UEFA


Interested in a career at UEFA? Find the answers to many of your questions about what it holds and how it works here.

Why should I choose UEFA as my next employer?

Working at the highest level of European football, immersed in passion and excitement, is obviously a huge draw, but it isn’t the only reason you should consider a career at UEFA...

From your first day, you’ll be working in an incredibly diverse and multicultural environment, with colleagues from across Europe and the world. We currently employ staff from more than 45 countries, making UEFA an inspiring melting pot of ideas and inspiration. You’ll find the work challenging and highly rewarding, with the unbeatable incentive of seeing your work applied at scale.

We take professional development seriously, and offer you the space and time to grow, including the potential to take on a secondary role helping UEFA deliver its world-famous events. We also encourage you to step away from your desk at lunchtimes and enjoy the fantastic sporting and dining facilities within the UEFA campus.

Do I have to be a football fan to work at UEFA?

It’s natural that an organisation like UEFA will attract a lot of football fans, who dream of turning their passion into their profession. While we fully encourage this, and some roles do require a level of knowledge of the game, we would never discourage a non-football fan from applying. Indeed, professionals from businesses or sectors outside of football often bring fresh ideas and diverse, different approaches.

First and foremost, we seek great people, with the right skills and experience to do the job, and who are motivated to help football succeed. So if you think you have something special that you can bring to UEFA, whether you’re a football fan or not, we always encourage you to apply regardless.

And, of course, we always welcome the chance to convert you into another passionate fan!

What careers are possible at UEFA?

It takes an incredible variety of skills to deliver UEFA competitions and achieve our mission to protect, promote and develop football across 55 European countries. That’s reflected by the broad range of roles available within the organisation. The majority of UEFA staff are concentrated on the operations and delivery of our many events.

This includes everything from logistics and signage to hospitality, ticketing and venue management, in addition to football-oriented roles in areas like refereeing, coaching, integrity, youth development, medical and many more.

To meet the constantly evolving technological, data and communication needs of the organisation, we are often looking for reinforcements to our dynamic and diverse ICT team. We also offer rewarding careers in more traditional business areas like marketing, communications, legal, finance, HR and more.

What can I do if there is currently no relevant vacancy?

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we recommend creating an account and setting up alerts for future opportunities.

What does the typical recruitment procedure look like?

You can find a full explanation of our classic recruitment procedure here. Please note that this procedure can sometimes vary depending on the seniority of the role.

Do I need a Swiss work permit?

If you are a citizen of any EU/EFTA country, and you’re offered a position at UEFA, we will obtain a work permit on your behalf.

While we are very open to applications from outside the EU/EFTA, it’s important to note that we are subject to restrictions from the Swiss government in this respect. In simple terms, to hire from outside the EU, we must first prove that we were not able to find any other candidate who met the job requirement within Europe. If we can prove this, we must then apply for one of a very limited number of non-EU working permits issued within our canton (Swiss county/state) each year.

These restrictions make it harder, but we nonetheless encourage you to apply if you think you’re a great candidate. We love the addition of new cultures, new ideas and diverse backgrounds to our workforce, and as evidenced by the many non-EU staff currently working within the organisation, it isn’t impossible. Find out more here.

UEFA also welcomes applications from individuals newly arrived to Switzerland who possess a Swiss "S" permit.

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Does UEFA hire through recruitment firms?

We source candidates from a number of channels. Recruitment firms are only used on rare occasions to identify very specific candidates.

Does UEFA offer internships?

Yes, we are regularly on the lookout for promising young talent and all our internship opportunities are advertised in our ‘latest opportunities’ section. Internships usually last approximately six months and are always paid.

I’ve lost my username or password, how do I get a new one?

Navigate to the UEFA career portal and select ‘Job opportunities’. Alternatively, go here to get there directly.

Then, hit the ‘Log in’ box and you will be redirected to our internal recruiting system.

On the log in page, select ‘Forgot your password?’ It will open an online form that will help you to reset your password.

Enter your email address and/or your username and click on ‘Request Password’. The new password will be sent to your email address within a few minutes.

What browsers can I use to apply?

Our current system supports most popular browsers and operating systems, including:

Windows: Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox

Mac: Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox

Linux: Mozilla Firefox

How can I see a list of all the positions that I have applied for?

Simply log in to the candidate portal and navigate to ‘Employment Opportunities’ and select ‘My Applications’. You will see a list of your applications with their respective status.

Can I edit my job application?

Unfortunately, once submitted, the application is final and can no longer be edited. Therefore, please ensure you are totally happy with it before sending.

How can I withdraw from a position that I have applied for?

Log in to the candidate portal, then navigate to ‘Employment Opportunities’ and click on ‘My Applications’.

There, you will see a list of your applications with their respective status. Select the application that you would like to withdraw and click on ‘Withdraw Application’.

How can I delete all my applications and data from your database?

Log in to the candidate portal and navigate to ‘Candidate Profile’ and select ‘Delete Registration’. To delete all data from our systems, please click on ‘Delete Registration’.