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Stay & explore Cologne

Cologne (also known as Köln) offers a wonderful cultural life, great museums such as the German Sports & Olympic Museum, a diverse gastronomy and outstanding sights such as the cathedral and views down the Rhine.

Football fans are certainly familiar with the legendary 1. FC Köln as well as Fortuna Köln and Viktoria Köln, who captivate with their "Cologne way of life" as well as the atmosphere at the games. Guests from all over the world appreciate the relaxed, easy-going atmosphere in Germany's oldest city.

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✨ Host City ambassador

Born in nearby Düren, Harald ‘Toni’ Schumacher, a EURO 1980 champion, had an illustrious career as a goalkeeper with 76 caps for West Germany. He played for 1. FC Köln from 1972 to 1987 and has been the club's vice-president from 2012 until 2019.

💡 Helpful tips when visiting

🗣️ Sprinkle a little Deutsch: German might not be the easiest language to learn, but a simple "Bitte" (please) and "Danke" (thank you) will go a long way with the locals.

💶 Cash matters: While debit cards are widely accepted, having some cash on hand is wise. It's especially helpful at independent eateries, bakeries and markets, where cash is still king.

🪙 Tipping etiquette: Tipping is customary in Germany. In restaurants, it's common to round up the bill, and in bars, leaving a modest tip for excellent service is appreciated.

💧 Stay hydrated: German tap water is safe and delicious. Carry a reusable bottle, allowing you to refill at public drinking fountains.

🏪 Lazy Sundays: Most shops and supermarkets are closed on Sundays, so plan ahead and get your shopping done on Saturdays. Don’t worry, restaurants and attractions remain open.

Recycle like a champion ♻️

Germany takes recycling seriously – and it’s great for your wallet too!

🪙 Did you know that you pay a refundable deposit on your bottle in Germany? Simply bring them back to any supermarket to claim 25ct for every PET bottle and 8ct for every glass bottle.
🚮 Be like the Germans and sort your waste into different bins to score eco-friendly points during your stay.

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👀 What to do

Cathedral ⛪

Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom) is the most visited attraction in Germany and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996. The magnificent Gothic cathedral has unique treasures such as the shrine of the Three Kings. The cathedral and the city of Cologne, that is more than 2,000 years old, simply belong together.

Check out the official website | Open in Google Maps

©Tobias Vollmer
German Sport & Olympic Museum 🥇

On around 2,000 m2 of exhibition and event area across two floors as various aspects of all kinds of national, international and Olympic sports are shown in a permanent exhibition.

Check out the official website | Open in Google Maps

Cologne Chocolate Museum 🍫

The sweetest of all museums in Cologne. Dedicated to the history and manufacture as well as to the tasting of chocolate. Enjoy delicious chocolate from the world´s biggest chocolate fountain.

Check out the official website | Open in Google Maps

©Lukas Schlösser
Cologne Cable Car 🚠

The cable cars from Kölner Seilbahn offer an extraordinary possibility of crossing the river Rhine. It takes about 6 minutesto get from one river bank to the other. Experience a unique panoramic view of Cologne, the old town, the Rhine and the beautiful surroundings from a bird’s eye view.

Check out the official website | Open in Google Maps

Michael Schumacher Private Collection 🏎️

Enjoy a Grand Prix of memories by visiting this unique collection. Here you will find original memorabilia from the personal collection of Michael Schumacher, including all the original cars from his seven Formula One World Championship victories.

Check out the official website | Open in Google Maps


👋Info Points & support services on site

Info Points ℹ️
Useful information about all things EURO 2024 can not only be found at the Info Points throughout the city but also at the Fans Welcome and Fans’ Embassy.

Find your nearest info point ⬇️

Roncalliplatz Info 1: [Open in Google Maps]
Am Hof Info 2: [Open in Google Maps]
Alter Markt Nord Info 3: [Open in Google Maps]
Alter Markt Süd Info 4: [Open in Google Maps]
Gürzenich Straße Info 5: [Open in Google Maps]
Tanzbrunnen Info 6: [Open in Google Maps]

Fans Welcome 🤝
The Fans Welcome info point is a service provided by the local fan project. Head over there for assistance and other services.

📍 Location
At the corner of Am Hof/Kurt-Hackenberg-Platz

Open in Google Maps

📅 Opening daysOpen daily between 14 June and 2 July, from 14:00 to 20:00. On matchdays, opening hours are adjusted depending on kick-off times.

💁 Services & languages
General guidance and advice on safety (EDELGARD initiative), youth initiatives (Streetwork Cologne) and football culture as well as country-specific information in German and English. Staff also speak the languages of the national teams playing in Cologne.

Fans’ Embassies 🤝
As an additional service, country-specific Fans' Embassies can be operational around matchdays of certain national teams. More detailed information will be available in the EURO 2024 App.

ℹ️ ️Tourist and emergency info

With the abundance of things to see and do in the city, make sure to read Cologne’s official tourism page for regular updates and ideas when planning your trip.

Visit Cologne's tourism page

The tourist information office of the Cologne Tourist Board is your first point of contact for all questions about Cologne.

Komödienstraße 44, 50667 Cologne (temporary location)
Phone: +49 (0)221 346 43 0
Email: info@koelntourismus.de

Local emergency services 🚨

Sometimes, unforeseen accidents happen. We want you to stay safe in Cologne, so if you are involved in an emergency of any kind, immediately dial 112, the European emergency number free of charge to receive assistance from police, fire or ambulance service.

Safety for women and girls🚨

The city of Cologne works closely with the EDELGARD initiative to ensure that women and girls who feel threatened or in danger have access to safe spaces. Opening hours and an overview of shelters can be found on the EDELGARD Map.

EDELGARD advisors can also be contacted by telephone during certain hours. If you feel unsafe, call the advisors on (+49) 0221 221 27777, or dial 115 for Cologne’s citizens’ hotline (Bürgertelefon).

🛏️ Where to stay - powered by Booking.com

Accommodation guides 🌟

We’ve partnered up with Booking.com to help you find the perfect accommodation for your budget and travel needs. Check out the location and budget guides below to find out which areas and types of accommodation are most suitable for you to stay in.

💶 Cologne accommodation budget guide

To secure convenient and reasonably priced accommodation, it’s recommended to plan early and explore the options available ahead of time. 💡

🛏️ Hostels from €90/night*
🏘️ Rental apartments from €180/night*
🏨 Hotels from €145/night*
Luxury hotels from €305/night*

*Rates may increase closer to the tournament. Book early for the best deals ⬇️

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📍 Cologne accommodation location guide

With your 36 Hour Travel Pass, you’ll be able to travel across the entire VRS (Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Sieg) and VRR (Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr) networks at no additional cost on matchday and the day after. This includes Düsseldorf, Gelsenkirchen and Dortmund, so it’s worth exploring accommodation options in these cities too.

If you’re travelling on a budget, consider staying in neighbourhoods east of the river and south of the city centre, away from the city’s major attractions. Altstadt-Süd and Kalk, for example, tend to be more affordable than Alstadt-Nord and Lindenthal.

Close to the stadium 🏟️

If you’re looking to minimise travel time to Cologne Stadium, book a stay in Lindenthal. Situated west of the city centre, the predominantly residential borough is adjacent to Müngersdorf where Cologne Stadium is located – putting EURO 2024 matches within easy reach. Visitors will also be charmed by the suburb's tree-lined streets, café culture, apartment rentals and young, lively atmosphere thanks to the student population of the nearby University of Cologne.

The journey from Lindenthal to the stadium is approximately 15 minutes on foot or 12 minutes by tram. Fan Zone Heumarkt is roughly 25 minutes away by tram.

By cultural attractions & sights 🖼️

Those planning to sightsee between matches should head to the Altstadt, or Old Town, where many of Cologne’s best-known landmarks are found. Divided into Altstadt-Nord and Altstadt-Süd, this historic area is home to both Cologne Cathedral and Hohenzollern Bridge. A range of luxury, mid-range and affordable properties are also located in this busy district, and most are within walking distance of the local sights.

The journey from Cologne Central Station in the Altstadt to the stadium is around 30 minutes by public transport.

Right by the nightlife scene 🪩

Once an industrial district, Ehrenfeld has emerged as a nucleus of Cologne's night-time entertainment. Before and after games, visitors will flock here to shop, eat and admire large-scale street art. The district also contains some of Cologne’s trendiest cocktail bars, music venues and nightclubs where DJs spin into the early morning hours. With affordable and luxury accommodation in the mix, this multicultural neighbourhood attracts visitors of many ages, interests and backgrounds.

Nightlife is focused on the area around Venloer Straße, close to Ehrenfeld train station. From there, travelling to the stadium takes roughly 25 minutes by bus. Fan Zone Heumarkt is about 20 minutes away by U-Bahn.

Near Fan Zone Heumarkt 🎊

If sharing your experience with fellow football fans is a top priority, base yourself near Heumarkt. Centrally located in the Altstadt, this historic square is known for its abundance of restaurants and brewpubs..

The journey from Fan Zone Heumarkt to the stadium takes approximately 30 minutes by public transport.


🏕️ Fan Camp Cologne

For a special EURO 2024 festival experience, you can also pitch your tent in the Fan Camp in Cologne’s Jugendpark. Fans from all over the world will gather in the community camp right next to the Public Viewing Tanzbrunnen in a scenic location along the Rhine River. Check out the official website of the Fan Camp Cologne for further information and tickets.

🍴 What to eat & drink

Some things don’t change. And that’s good news, especially with regard to Cologne’s food and drink culture, particularly the breweries. Explore the gastronomic scene through the Cologne Tourism website.

Halve Hahn 🍞

Although it means ‘half chicken’ in English, it’s anything but! It’s a delicious rye bun served with butter and a thick slice of cheese. It usually has some medium-strong mustard, onions and pickles on the side. Some restaurants will garnish the dish with lettuce and gherkin.

Himmel un Ääd (Heaven and earth) 🍎🥔

The name of this dish comes from its main components: apples, representing heaven, and potatoes, representing earth. It's a mashed blend of the two, typically topped with fried black pudding (Blutwurst), onions, and sometimes bacon.

Reibekuchen 🥞

A Rhineland area staple, this crispy soft potato pancake is made of shredded potatoes, eggs and flour and traditionally serviced with apple sauce.

Rheinischer Sauerbraten 🥩

Regarded as a local specialty of the Rhineland, Sauerbraten is marinated meat cooked until tender and served with gravy – often beef, but can be served with venison, lamb or mutton. The Rhineland variation of this dish is prepared with a sweet and sour sauce, usually containing raisins and traditionally served with red cabbage and potato dumplings (Kartoffelklöße) or boiled potatoes.

Kölsch 🍺

No trip is complete without ordering a tray of Kölsch to the table. Be prepared for the different tastes as each brewery has a unique recipe but all is brewed according to the German Purity Law passed in 1516 and within the city limits of Cologne!

🌃 Night owls should head to the old town around the cathedral to find plenty of traditional offers including pubs and breweries. Kölner Ringe ringroad is packed with bars and clubs while Friesenstraße offers a more high-end bar scene. Great nightlife off the beaten track can be found in the Südstadt as well as in the neighbourhood of Ehrenfeld.

🏳️‍🌈 Cologne welcomes visitors from all walks of life. LGBTQI+ visitors who want to explore bars and clubs should go to Schaafenstraße, which is known for the Bermuda Triangle as visitors tend to venture into this area for long periods of time before returning home.