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UEFA EURO 2024 qualifying group fixtures and results

Check out all the fixtures and results for the European Qualifiers group stage.

The European Qualifiers for UEFA EURO 2024 run from March to November 2023, with the play-offs for the remaining finals places taking place on 21 and 26 March 2024.

Kick-offs 20:45 CET unless stated otherwise


Thursday 23 March 2023

Group C: Italy 1-2 England, North Macedonia 2-1 Malta
Group H: Kazakhstan 1-2 Slovenia, Denmark 3-1 Finland, San Marino 0-2 Northern Ireland
Group J: Bosnia and Herzegovina 3-0 Iceland, Portugal 4-0 Liechtenstein, Slovakia 0-0 Luxembourg

Highlights: Italy 1-2 England

Friday 24 March 2023

Group B: France 4-0 Netherlands, Gibraltar 0-3 Greece
Group E: Czechia 3-1 Poland, Moldova 1-1 Faroe Islands
Group F
: Austria 4-1 Azerbaijan, Sweden 0-3 Belgium
Group G: Bulgaria 0-1 Montenegro, Serbia 2-0 Lithuania

Saturday 25 March 2023

Group A: Scotland 3-0 Cyprus, Spain 3-0 Norway
Group D: Armenia 1-2 Türkiye, Croatia 1-1 Wales
Group I: Belarus 0-5 Switzerland, Andorra 0-2 Romania, Israel 1-1 Kosovo


Sunday 26 March 2023

Group C: England 2-0 Ukraine, Malta 0-2 Italy
Group H: Kazakhstan 3-2 Denmark, Slovenia 2-0 San Marino, Northern Ireland 0-1 Finland
Group J: Liechtenstein 0-7 Iceland, Luxembourg 0-6 Portugal, Slovakia 2-0 Bosnia and Herzegovina

Monday 27 March 2023

Group B: Netherlands 3-0 Gibraltar, Republic of Ireland 0-1 France
Group E: Moldova 0-0 Czechia, Poland 1-0 Albania
Group F
: Austria 2-1 Estonia, Sweden 5-0 Azerbaijan
Group G: Hungary 3-0 Bulgaria, Montenegro 0-2 Serbia

Tuesday 28 March 2023

Group A: Georgia 1-1 Norway, Scotland 2-0 Spain
Group D: Türkiye 0-2 Croatia, Wales 1-0 Latvia
Group I: Kosovo 1-1 Andorra, Romania 2-1 Belarus, Switzerland 3-0 Israel

Highlights: Scotland 2-0 Spain


Friday 16 June 2023

Group B: Gibraltar vs France, Greece vs Republic of Ireland
Group C: Malta vs England, North Macedonia vs Ukraine
Group D
: Latvia vs Türkiye, Wales vs Armenia
Group H: Denmark vs Northern Ireland, Finland vs Slovenia (18:00), San Marino vs Kazakhstan
Group I
: Andorra vs Switzerland, Belarus vs Israel, Kosovo vs Romania

Saturday 17 June 2023

Group A: Norway vs Scotland (18:00), Cyprus vs Georgia
Group E: Albania vs Moldova, Faroe Islands vs Czechia
Group F
: Azerbaijan vs Estonia (18:00), Belgium vs Austria
Group G: Lithuania vs Bulgaria (15:00), Montenegro vs Hungary (18:00)
Group J
: Luxembourg vs Liechtenstein (15:00), Iceland vs Slovakia, Portugal vs Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Monday 19 June 2023

Group B: France vs Greece, Republic of Ireland vs Gibraltar
Group C: England vs North Macedonia, Ukraine vs Malta (18:00)
Group D
Armenia vs Latvia (18:00), Türkiye vs Wales
Group H: Finland vs San Marino (18:00), Northern Ireland vs Kazakhstan, Slovenia vs Denmark
Group I
: Belarus vs Kosovo, Israel vs Andorra, Switzerland vs Romania

Tuesday 20 June 2023

Group A: Norway vs Cyprus, Scotland vs Georgia
Group E: Faroe Islands vs Albania, Moldova vs Poland
Group F
: Austria vs Sweden, Estonia vs Belgium
Group G: Bulgaria vs Serbia, Hungary vs Lithuania
Group J
: Bosnia and Herzegovina vs Luxembourg, Iceland vs Portugal, Liechtenstein vs Slovakia


Thursday 7 September 2023

Group B: France vs Republic of Ireland, Netherlands vs Greece
Group E: Czechia vs Albania, Poland vs Faroe Islands
Group G
: Lithuania vs Montenegro (18:00), Serbia vs Hungary
Group H: Kazakhstan vs Finland (16:00), Denmark vs San Marino, Slovenia vs Northern Ireland

Friday 8 September 2023

Group A: Georgia vs Spain (18:00), Cyprus vs Scotland
Group D: Croatia vs Latvia, Türkiye vs Armenia
Group J
: Bosnia and Herzegovina vs Liechtenstein, Luxembourg vs Iceland, Slovakia vs Portugal

Saturday 9 September 2023

Group C: Ukraine vs England (18:00), North Macedonia vs Italy
Group F: Azerbaijan vs Belgium (15:00), Estonia vs Sweden (18:00)
Group I
: Andorra vs Belarus (18:00), Kosovo vs Switzerland, Romania vs Israel

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Sunday 10 September 2023

Group B: Greece vs Gibraltar, Republic of Ireland vs Netherlands
Group E: Faroe Islands vs Moldova (18:00), Albania vs Poland
Group G
: Montenegro vs Bulgaria (18:00), Lithuania vs Serbia
Group H: Kazakhstan vs Northern Ireland (15:00), Finland vs Denmark (18:00), San Marino vs Slovenia

Monday 11 September 2023

Group D: Armenia vs Croatia (18:00), Latvia vs Wales
Group J
: Iceland vs Bosnia and Herzegovina, Portugal vs Luxembourg, Slovakia vs Liechtenstein

Tuesday 12 September 2023

Group A: Norway vs Georgia, Spain vs Cyprus
Group C
: Italy vs Ukraine, Malta vs North Macedonia
Group F: Belgium vs Estonia, Sweden vs Austria
Group I
: Israel vs Belarus, Romania vs Kosovo, Switzerland vs Andorra


Thursday 12 October 2023

Group A: Cyprus vs Norway, Spain vs Scotland
Group D: Croatia vs Türkiye, Latvia vs Armenia (18:00)
Group E
: Albania vs Czechia, Faroe Islands vs Poland
Group I: Andorra vs Kosovo, Belarus vs Romania, Israel vs Switzerland

Friday 13 October 2023

Group B: Netherlands vs France, Republic of Ireland vs Greece
Group F: Austria vs Belgium, Estonia vs Azerbaijan (18:00)
Group J
: Iceland vs Luxembourg, Liechtenstein vs Bosnia and Herzegovina, Portugal vs Slovakia

Saturday 14 October 2023

Group C: Ukraine vs North Macedonia (15:00), Italy vs Malta
Group G: Bulgaria vs Lithuania (18:00), Hungary vs Serbia
Group H: Northern Ireland vs San Marino (15:00), Slovenia vs Finland (18:00), Denmark vs Kazakhstan

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Sunday 15 October 2023

Group A: Georgia vs Cyprus (15:00), Norway vs Spain
Group D: Türkiye vs Latvia, Wales vs Croatia
Group E
: Czechia vs Faroe Islands (18:00), Poland vs Moldova
Group I: Switzerland vs Belarus (18:00), Kosovo vs Israel, Romania vs Andorra

Monday 16 October 2023

Group B: Gibraltar vs Republic of Ireland, Greece vs Netherlands
Group F: Azerbaijan vs Austria (18:00), Belgium vs Sweden
Group J: Bosnia and Herzegovina vs Portugal, Iceland vs Liechtenstein, Luxembourg vs Slovakia

Tuesday 17 October 2023

Group C: England vs Italy, Malta vs Ukraine
Group G: Lithuania vs Hungary, Serbia vs Montenegro
Group H: Finland vs Kazakhstan (18:00), Northern Ireland vs Slovenia, San Marino vs Denmark


Thursday 16 November 2023

Group A: Georgia vs Scotland (18:00), Cyprus vs Spain (19:00)
Group F: Azerbaijan vs Sweden (18:00), Estonia vs Austria (18:00)
Group G
: Bulgaria vs Hungary, Montenegro vs Lithuania
Group J: Liechtenstein vs Portugal, Luxembourg vs Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovakia vs Iceland

Friday 17 November 2023

Group C: England vs Malta, Italy vs North Macedonia
Group E: Moldova vs Albania, Poland vs Czechia
Group H
: Kazakhstan vs San Marino (16:00), Finland vs Northern Ireland (18:00), Denmark vs Slovenia

Saturday 18 November 2023

Group B: France vs Gibraltar, Netherlands vs Republic of Ireland
Group D: Armenia vs Wales (15:00), Latvia vs Croatia (18:00)
Group I
: Belarus vs Andorra (18:00), Israel vs Romania, Switzerland vs Kosovo

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Sunday 19 November 2023

Group A: Scotland vs Norway, Spain vs Georgia
Group F: Belgium vs Azerbaijan (18:00), Sweden vs Estonia (18:00)
Group G
: Hungary vs Montenegro (15:00), Serbia vs Bulgaria (15:00)
Group J: Bosnia and Herzegovina vs Slovakia, Liechtenstein vs Luxembourg, Portugal vs Iceland

Monday 20 November 2023

Group C: North Macedonia vs England, Ukraine vs Italy
Group E: Albania vs Faroe Islands, Czechia vs Moldova
Group H
: Northern Ireland vs Denmark, San Marino vs Finland, Slovenia vs Kazakhstan

Tuesday 21 November 2023

Group B: Gibraltar vs Netherlands, Greece vs France
Group D: Croatia vs Armenia, Wales vs Türkiye
Group I
: Andorra vs Israel, Kosovo vs Belarus, Romania vs Switzerland

Play-off match dates
21 March 2024: Play-off semi-finals
26 March 2024: Play-off finals

Final tournament dates
14 June 2024: UEFA EURO 2024 finals opener
14 July 2024: UEFA EURO 2024 final

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