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Rainer Koch

Rainer Koch
Rainer Koch ©UEFA

Nationality: German
Date of birth: 18 December 1958
Executive Committee member since: 2020

• Dr Rainer Koch was born in the northern German city of Kiel, but has spent almost his entire life on the outskirts of Munich in Bavaria. After graduating with a law degree from the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich, he worked for various district courts in different functions. He has been a judge at Munich’s Higher Regional Court since 2008, serving as a presiding judge from 2017 to 2019.

• A former lower league player, youth coach and coordinator, his refereeing career took him to the third highest division. Koch, a married father of a daughter, then served in sports tribunals, first at regional level, and from 1998 onwards for the DFB at national level as chairman of the Disciplinary Committee. In 2004, following a unanimous vote, he became president of the Bavarian Football Association. He has been reelected four times and has held the position ever since.

• Koch, a keen champion of grassroots football, was promoted by the DFB to the role of vice-president for legal and constitutional matters in 2007. Since 2013, he has also been vice-president for amateur football, and has served as acting DFB president twice (2015, 2019). The 61-year-old was a member of UEFA's Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body for nine years, and has been a member of the UEFA Appeals Body since 2015. A regular match delegate for UEFA and FIFA, Koch is one of two European members who serve on the FIFA Governance Committee.