Executive Committee: Cyprus meeting decisions

The UEFA Executive Committee was updated about the successful first full strategy meeting of Europe's 53 national football associations during its own meeting in Limassol on Thursday.

The UEFA Executive Committee meeting in Limassol, Cyprus
The UEFA Executive Committee meeting in Limassol, Cyprus ©UEFA.com

UEFA's Executive Committee met today in Limassol, Cyprus, following the first-ever full strategy meeting of the 53 national associations on 20 and 21 September, and received a full review of the main topics that were covered.

The Executive Committee listened with interest to the feedback from the two-day strategy meeting of the member associations who discussed several issues related to the development of national team football.

The committee was also updated on the discussions and views of the member associations in relation to proposed changes to the international match calendar.

The overriding support was for a calendar made up only of double-headers and no single friendly dates, in particular in the month of August, which would help to streamline the competition calendar for national teams and help avoid clashes with domestic leagues. The process of consultation with the various involved parties is continuing with the objective of finding a common European calendar recommendation to FIFA.

Regarding issues of governance surrounding FIFA, the Executive Committee reaffirmed its position that it had made clear in its last meeting in June and awaits the October meeting of the FIFA Executive Committee with interest.

The committee approved the donation of a sum of €500,000 to the Japan Football Association in solidarity for the terrible damages suffered during the recent natural disaster.

The Executive Committee also approved four proposed new members of the UEFA Convention on Referee Education and Organisation – Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Croatia and San Marino. It also agreed to the extension of the Referee Convention for a further four years from 2012/13 to 2015/16. With the addition of these new members the convention now boasts 47 full members and one partial. Members receive €100,000 on signing as well as an annual payment of €100,000 in order to continue establishing European standards in refereeing.

The committee received an update on the work of the Club Financial Control Panel, including the introduction of the requirement for clubs to have a Supporter Liaison Officer in order to establish a closer contact with the fans. A first workshop for Supporter Liaison Officers will be held in mid-October in Germany.

The next UEFA Executive Committee meeting will take place in Venice, Italy, on 8 and 9 December.