Increased UEFA Nations League solidarity and bonus fees

Increased solidarity and bonus fees will be paid to the 55 UEFA Nations League competitors.

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UEFA has announced it will increase UEFA Nations League payments for the current edition of the tournament, which started in September. This will see a 50% rise in solidarity fees given to all 55 national associations who are taking part in the competition.

Group stage -solidarity fees            Original               Increase        New                          
League A €1.5m          €750,000              €2.25m
League B €1m €500,000 €1.5m
League C €750,000 €375,000 €1.125m
League D €500,000 €250,000 €750,000

The group stage winners in Leagues A, B, C and D also all stand to benefit, with every country finishing top of their pool receiving a 50% increase in bonus payments.  

Group stage - Additional winners fee Original       Increase        New                         
League A €1.5m                €750,000              €2.25m
League B €1m €500,000 €1.5m
League C €750,000 €375,000 €1.125m
League D €500,000 €250,000 €750,000

The maximum amount of solidarity payments and bonus fees for a team in League A would be €4.5m; €3m for a team in League B; €2.25m for a team in League C and €1.5m for a team in League D. 

The four group winners of League A will play for the UEFA Nations League trophy in June 2019. The following increases in solidarity fees for these four teams will be set aside:

Finals                          Original                      Increase                     New                                
Winners €4.5m €1.5m €6m
Runners-up €3.5m €1m €4.5m
Third place  €2.5m  €1m  €3.5m 
Fourth place €1.5m €1m €2.5m 

This means the overall winner of the UEFA Nations league, following the finals tournament, will receive €10.5m. 

The UEFA Nations League, which kicked off in September, was launched following feedback given to UEFA by national associations, coaches, players and supporters, who were increasingly of the opinion that friendly matches do not provide adequate competition for national teams.

The decision to increase the solidarity and bonus payments was taken by the UEFA Executive Committee and was made possible by the UEFA's solid financial situation, which was helped in part by earnings from UEFA EURO 2016 being set aside for future investment.