CFCB update on 2018/19 monitoring of clubs under FFP settlements

The Club Financial Control Body has provided an update on the monitoring of four clubs under FFP settlements.


Galatasaray SK and Maccabi Tel Aviv FC have complied with the targets set for the 2018/19 season and will remain in the settlement regime. Furthermore, FC Porto has partially fulfilled the targets set for the season 2018/19. As a consequence, the foreseen conditional sporting measures for FC Porto, such as the transfer restrictions and the limitation on the number of players in the List A, will continue to apply in the season 2019/20.

The settlement regime will continue to apply up to and including the season 2020/21 for both FC Porto and Maccabi Tel Aviv FC; and up to the season 2021/22 for Galatasaray SK; as originally foreseen.

The CFCB Investigatory Chamber decided to refer the case of Fenerbahçe SK to the CFCB Adjudicatory Chamber as the club breached its settlement agreement signed in May 2016. Indeed, the club failed to comply with a break-even target during the monitoring period assessed in the season 2018/19.