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Working with the associations ©Yorgos Matthaios

KISS (Knowledge and Information Sharing Scenario) is a programme launched in 2005 by UEFA as part of its continued commitment to promote solidarity and equality across the European football family – further reinforcing a bond which has endured for more than five decades.

The 55 member associations of UEFA cover a broad geographical reach, incorporating many diverse cultures, working methods and professional good practices. KISS recognises this collective know-how as a valuable commodity, and seeks to build a platform to share these resources, and ultimately enhance the level of professional performance based on knowledge exchange and networking.

KISS began by organising a series of seminars held at UEFA. The goal was to work with member associations to encourage and develop good practice for the efficient management of football on a pan-European basis. These seminars covered three areas: operations, governance and development. In addition, a pool of experts in each field was set up, recruited mainly from associations where benchmarks had been set in a particular field.

Evolving quickly, these seminars rolled out into more in-depth and specific workshops hosted by member associations whose expert managers applied their own real world experience, sharing knowledge, debating solutions and good practices for a variety of working scenarios. For example, these workshops have examined corporate social responsibility, media rights, communications and media relations, marketing, corporate management, law, event management and stadium security to name but a few. The 100th KISS workshop was staged in Liechtenstein in spring 2012.

In addition, new and innovative ways to share knowledge were implemented, such as quizzes, storytelling, role playing and simulation, which are proven to be more effective than traditional classroom learning methods. To extend the networking spirit, workshop sessions were filmed, and much of the content is available via a dedicated online platform. Members, using personalised access to this platform, can communicate and share ideas, experiences and documentation.

The key to these workshops is the adaptability of the knowledge. By using detailed case studies and interacting with experts and like-minded individuals, a member association can use these good practices to their own problem-solving or work culture. And as a result an association is empowered to work autonomously.

In February 2012, KISS launched a new and improved customised online platform for UEFA's member associations. The platform contains football good practice covering a wide range of issues, a journey through a virtual stadium can explain the behind-the-scene operations, as well as in-depth videos that clearly detail a variety of roles and recommendations. The aim of this platform is to touch a wider audience, cascading the knowledge and good practice throughout football, reaching out to clubs, sponsors, players and all layers of people working in football every day.

In addition, KISS offers UEFA member associations an individual assistance programme. Sometimes a particular issue needs specific guidance, and in this instance a UEFA member association can approach KISS for assistance. The appropriate experts in the field would be sourced and endeavour to help the association find and implement the best solution.