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UEFA Europa Conference League: FC Basel 1893 - Omonoia FC Match press kits

UEFA Europa Conference League - 2021/22 SeasonMatch press kits

FC Basel 1893FC Basel 1893St. Jakob-Park - BaselThursday 21 October 2021
21.00CET (21.00 local time)
Group H - Matchday 3
Omonoia FCOmonoia FC
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Fixtures and results Only this chapter

FC Basel 1893Fixtures and results
22/07/2021UECLFK Partizani (H)W 3-0Stocker 43, 80, Cabral 52
25/07/2021LeagueGrasshopper Club Zürich (A)W 2-0Campana 54 (og), Esposito 70
29/07/2021UECLFK Partizani (A)W 2-0Stocker 38, Cabral 49
01/08/2021LeagueFC Sion (H)W 6-1Kasami 4, Sergio López 15, Cömert 21, Esposito 42, Cabral 44, Zhegrova 55
05/08/2021UECLÚjpest FC (A)W 2-1Cabral 55, Males 74
08/08/2021LeagueServette FC (H)W 5-1Cabral 19, 45 (P), 50, 63, Esposito 60 (P)
12/08/2021UECLÚjpest FC (H)W 4-0Males 22, Stocker 45+2, Cabral 71, Petretta 90
15/08/2021CupSchönenwerd-Niedergösgen (A)W 7-0Tushi 21, 62, Petretta 38, Palacios 41 (P), Males 53, Sene 57, Lo Priore 58 (og)
19/08/2021UECLHammarby Fotboll (H)W 3-1Cabral 30, 87, 90 (P)
22/08/2021LeagueFC Lausanne-Sport (A)D 2-2Cabral 45+3 (P), 59
26/08/2021UECLHammarby Fotboll (A)L 1-3 (aet, 4-3 pens) Cabral 109 ET (P)
29/08/2021LeagueBSC Young Boys (H)D 1-1Esposito 52
12/09/2021LeagueFC Lugano (A)D 1-1Cabral 29
16/09/2021UECLQarabağ FK (A)D 0-0
19/09/2021CupRorschach / Goldach 17 (A)W 3-0Millar 35, Xhaka 62, Palacios 79
22/09/2021LeagueFC St. Gallen (A)W 2-0Cabral 15, 85
26/09/2021LeagueFC Zürich (H)W 3-1Millar 34, Tomás Tavares 73, Cabral 83
30/09/2021UECLFC Kairat Almaty (H)W 4-2Cabral 15, M. Lang 21, 40, Ndoye 49
03/10/2021LeagueFC Luzern (H)D 1-1Stocker 68
17/10/2021LeagueFC Sion (A)W 1-0Zhegrova 90
21/10/2021UECLOmonoia FC (H)
24/10/2021LeagueFC Lugano (H)
27/10/2021CupFC Etoile Carouge (A)
30/10/2021LeagueFC Zürich (A)
04/11/2021UECLOmonoia FC (A)
07/11/2021LeagueFC St. Gallen (H)
20/11/2021LeagueBSC Young Boys (A)
25/11/2021UECLFC Kairat Almaty (A)
28/11/2021LeagueFC Luzern (A)
05/12/2021LeagueFC Lausanne-Sport (H)
09/12/2021UECLQarabağ FK (H)
12/12/2021LeagueServette FC (A)
19/12/2021LeagueGrasshopper Club Zürich (H)
29/01/2022LeagueFC Luzern (A)
05/02/2022LeagueFC Sion (H)
12/02/2022LeagueBSC Young Boys (A)
19/02/2022LeagueFC Lausanne-Sport (H)
26/02/2022LeagueFC Zürich (A)
01/03/2022LeagueFC St. Gallen (H)
05/03/2022LeagueFC Lugano (A)
12/03/2022LeagueServette FC (H)
19/03/2022LeagueGrasshopper Club Zürich (A)
02/04/2022LeagueBSC Young Boys (H)
09/04/2022LeagueFC St. Gallen (A)
16/04/2022LeagueFC Sion (A)
23/04/2022LeagueFC Luzern (H)
30/04/2022LeagueFC Zürich (H)
07/05/2022LeagueFC Lausanne-Sport (A)
10/05/2022LeagueGrasshopper Club Zürich (H)
19/05/2022LeagueServette FC (A)
22/05/2022LeagueFC Lugano (H)
1FC Basel 18931064024822
2FC Zürich10622231720
3BSC Young Boys953124818
4FC Lugano9423131114
5Grasshopper Club Zürich10343161413
6Servette FC10334172212
7FC St. Gallen1023515249
8FC Sion1023512239
9FC Lausanne-Sport1014512227
10FC Luzern1006414216
Omonoia FCFixtures and results
20/07/2021UCLGNK Dinamo Zagreb (A)L 0-2
27/07/2021UCLGNK Dinamo Zagreb (H)L 0-1
05/08/2021UELFC Flora Tallinn (H)W 1-0Tzioni 12
10/08/2021UELFC Flora Tallinn (A)L 1-2 (aet, 5-4 pens) Kakoulli 43
19/08/2021UELRoyal Antwerp FC (H)W 4-2Loizou 43, 55, Kakoulli 49, Atiemwen 84 (P)
26/08/2021UELRoyal Antwerp FC (A)L 0-2 (aet, 2-3 pens)
12/09/2021LeagueAEK Larnaca FC (A)L 1-2Papoulis 81
16/09/2021UECLFC Kairat Almaty (A)D 0-0
20/09/2021LeagueDoxa Katokopia FC (H)W 2-1Ďuriš 90+3 (P), Lecjaks 90+6
26/09/2021LeaguePafos FC (H)D 1-1Michael 56 (og)
30/09/2021UECLQarabağ FK (H)L 1-4Lecjaks 40
03/10/2021LeagueOlympiakos Nicosia FC (A)L 0-1
17/10/2021LeagueApollon Limassol FC (H)W 1-0Šćepović 16
21/10/2021UECLFC Basel 1893 (A)
25/10/2021LeagueP.A.E.E.K. FC (A)
29/10/2021LeagueAnorthosis Famagusta FC (H)
04/11/2021UECLFC Basel 1893 (H)
07/11/2021LeagueEthnikos Achnas FC (A)
21/11/2021LeagueAris Limassol FC (H)
25/11/2021UECLQarabağ FK (A)
29/11/2021LeagueAPOEL FC (A)
05/12/2021LeagueAEL Limassol FC (A)
09/12/2021UECLFC Kairat Almaty (H)
13/12/2021LeagueAEK Larnaca FC (H)
19/12/2021LeagueDoxa Katokopia FC (A)
22/12/2021LeagueAEL Limassol FC (H)
03/01/2022LeaguePafos FC (A)
08/01/2022LeagueOlympiakos Nicosia FC (H)
15/01/2022LeagueApollon Limassol FC (A)
22/01/2022LeagueP.A.E.E.K. FC (H)
29/01/2022LeagueAnorthosis Famagusta FC (A)
05/02/2022LeagueEthnikos Achnas FC (H)
12/02/2022LeagueAris Limassol FC (A)
19/02/2022LeagueAPOEL FC (H)
1AEK Larnaca FC642012414
2Aris Limassol FC641110513
3Apollon Limassol FC64029812
4AEL Limassol FC531110410
5Olympiakos Nicosia FC6222558
6Pafos FC6141887
7Omonoia FC5212557
8Doxa Katokopia FC6132666
9Anorthosis Famagusta FC5203796
10APOEL FC62045106
11P.A.E.E.K. FC5113484
12Ethnikos Achnas FC60155141

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