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UEFA Europa Conference League: Alashkert FC - LASK Match press kits

UEFA Europa Conference League - 2021/22 SeasonMatch press kits

Alashkert FCAlashkert FCRepublican Stadium after Vazgen Sargsyan - YerevanThursday 21 October 2021
18.45CET (20.45 local time)
Group A - Matchday 3
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Fixtures and results Only this chapter

Alashkert FCFixtures and results
07/07/2021UCLConnah's Quay Nomads FC (A)D 2-2Khurtsidze 21, 45
14/07/2021UCLConnah's Quay Nomads FC (H)W 1-0Bezecourt 113 ET
20/07/2021UCLFC Sheriff Tiraspol (H)L 0-1
28/07/2021UCLFC Sheriff Tiraspol (A)L 1-3Glišić 10
01/08/2021LeagueArarat-Armenia FC (H)L 0-3
05/08/2021UELFC Kairat Almaty (A)D 0-0
12/08/2021UELFC Kairat Almaty (H)W 3-2Embaló 43, 50, Glišić 104 ET
15/08/2021LeagueFK Van (H)L 0-2
19/08/2021UELRangers FC (A)L 0-1
23/08/2021LeagueFC Sevan (H)D 0-0
26/08/2021UELRangers FC (H)D 0-0
11/09/2021LeagueFC Ararat (A)L 2-3Glisic 29, Embaló 90+6 (P)
14/09/2021UECLMaccabi Tel-Aviv FC (A)L 1-4Embaló 17
20/09/2021LeagueSC Noravank (H)D 0-0
27/09/2021LeagueBKMA Yerevan (H)W 2-1Khurtsidze 36, Béko Fofana 82
30/09/2021UECLHJK Helsinki (H)L 2-4Embaló 24, Glišić 90+3
15/10/2021LeagueFC Pyunik (A)D 1-1T. Voskanyan 90+2
21/10/2021UECLLASK (H)
24/10/2021LeagueArarat-Armenia FC (A)
27/10/2021LeagueFC Noah (H)
31/10/2021LeagueFK Van (A)
03/11/2021LeagueFC Urartu (H)
04/11/2021UECLLASK (A)
18/11/2021LeagueFC Sevan (A)
25/11/2021UECLHJK Helsinki (A)
29/11/2021LeagueFC Ararat (H)
04/12/2021LeagueSC Noravank (A)
09/12/2021UECLMaccabi Tel-Aviv FC (H)
19/02/2022LeagueFC Pyunik (H)
23/02/2022LeagueArarat-Armenia FC (H)
26/02/2022LeagueFC Noah (A)
02/03/2022LeagueFK Van (H)
06/03/2022LeagueFC Urartu (A)
10/03/2022LeagueFC Sevan (H)
15/03/2022LeagueFC Ararat (A)
05/04/2022LeagueSC Noravank (H)
10/04/2022LeagueBKMA Yerevan (H)
14/04/2022LeagueFC Pyunik (A)
19/04/2022LeagueArarat-Armenia FC (A)
22/04/2022LeagueFC Noah (H)
25/04/2022LeagueFK Van (A)
29/04/2022LeagueFC Urartu (H)
03/05/2022LeagueFC Sevan (A)
10/05/2022LeagueFC Ararat (H)
16/05/2022LeagueSC Noravank (A)
22/05/2022LeagueBKMA Yerevan (A)
28/05/2022LeagueFC Pyunik (H)
1Ararat-Armenia FC981024525
2FC Ararat9603181118
3FC Pyunik943212815
4FC Sevan943212815
5FC Noah8413121813
6FC Urartu8314101110
7SC Noravank92256138
8FK Van92259138
9Alashkert FC71335106
10BKMA Yerevan91087183
LASKFixtures and results
17/07/2021CupSC Mannsdorf (H)W 6-0Renner 6, 44, Michorl 15, Goiginger 49, Balić 54, Flecker 85
24/07/2021LeagueSCR Altach (A)W 1-0Wiesinger 35
31/07/2021LeagueSK Rapid Wien (H)D 1-1Schmidt 79
05/08/2021UECLFK Vojvodina (A)W 1-0Michorl 70
08/08/2021LeagueWSG Tirol (A)D 1-1Karamoko 60
12/08/2021UECLFK Vojvodina (H)W 6-1Karamoko 34 (P), 53, Goiginger 56, Potzmann 67, Balić 80, Schmidt 87
15/08/2021LeagueSK Sturm Graz (H)L 1-3Michorl 85
19/08/2021UECLSt Johnstone FC (H)D 1-1Karamoko 60 (P)
22/08/2021LeagueTSV Hartberg (H)D 1-1Flecker 78
26/08/2021UECLSt Johnstone FC (A)W 2-0Balić 72, Raguž 84 (P)
29/08/2021LeagueSV Ried (A)L 0-1
12/09/2021LeagueFK Austria Wien (H)L 0-2
16/09/2021UECLHJK Helsinki (A)W 2-0Maresic 17, Monschein 89
19/09/2021LeagueSV Austria Klagenfurt (A)D 1-1Goiginger 45+1
23/09/2021CupSV Stripfing/Weiden (H)W 3-0Flecker 42, Grozdić 87 (og), Michorl 90+5
26/09/2021LeagueFC Admira Wacker Mödling (H)W 3-1Karamoko 47, Horvath 63, Goiginger 88
30/09/2021UECLMaccabi Tel-Aviv FC (H)D 1-1Horvath 10
03/10/2021LeagueFC Salzburg (A)L 1-3Monschein 90+2
17/10/2021LeagueWolfsberger AC (H)L 0-1
21/10/2021UECLAlashkert FC (A)
24/10/2021LeagueSCR Altach (H)
28/10/2021CupWSG Tirol (H)
31/10/2021LeagueSK Rapid Wien (A)
04/11/2021UECLAlashkert FC (H)
07/11/2021LeagueWSG Tirol (H)
21/11/2021LeagueSK Sturm Graz (A)
25/11/2021UECLMaccabi Tel-Aviv FC (A)
28/11/2021LeagueTSV Hartberg (A)
05/12/2021LeagueSV Ried (H)
09/12/2021UECLHJK Helsinki (H)
12/12/2021LeagueFK Austria Wien (A)
11/02/2022LeagueSV Austria Klagenfurt (H)
19/02/2022LeagueFC Admira Wacker Mödling (A)
26/02/2022LeagueFC Salzburg (H)
05/03/2022LeagueWolfsberger AC (A)
1FC Salzburg11101027631
2SK Sturm Graz11722271323
3Wolfsberger AC11434151915
4SV Austria Klagenfurt11353171814
5SV Ried11344142313
6TSV Hartberg11344201913
7FC Admira Wacker Mödling11344151513
8SK Rapid Wien11335161612
9FK Austria Wien11263141412
11SCR Altach1124581610
12WSG Tirol1116415249

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