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UEFA Europa League: F91 Dudelange - Real Betis Balompié Match press kits

UEFA Europa League - 2018/19 SeasonMatch press kits

F91 DudelangeF91 DudelangeStade Josy Barthel - LuxembourgThursday 13 December 2018
21.00CET (21.00 local time)
Group F - Matchday 6
Real Betis BalompiéReal Betis Balompié
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Fixtures and results Only this chapter

F91 DudelangeFixtures and results
10/07/2018UCLVidi FC (H)D 1-1Mélisse 58
17/07/2018UCLVidi FC (A)L 1-2Couturier 54
26/07/2018UELKF Drita (H)W 2-1Perez 66, Turpel 81 (P)
02/08/2018UELKF Drita (A)D 1-1Stumpf 46
06/08/2018LeagueFC RM Hamm Benfica (A)W 3-1Pokar 7, 66, Perez 36
09/08/2018UELLegia Warszawa (A)W 2-1Couturier 24, Turpel 62 (P)
13/08/2018LeagueFC Differdange 03 (H)L 0-2
16/08/2018UELLegia Warszawa (H)D 2-2Stumpf 7, Cruz 17
23/08/2018UELCFR 1907 Cluj (H)W 2-0Turpel 67, Sinani 80
26/08/2018LeagueUS Mondorf-les-Bains (H)L 1-4Sinani 85
30/08/2018UELCFR 1907 Cluj (A)W 3-2Sinani 51, 54, Turpel 78
16/09/2018LeagueFC UNA Strassen (A)W 2-0Stolz 36, Sinani 53
20/09/2018UELAC Milan (H)L 0-1
23/09/2018CupFC Kehlen (A)W 7-1Е. Agovic 7, 17, 68, Jensen 14, Perez 35, 64, 85
26/09/2018LeagueCS Fola Esch (A)W 2-1Ibrahimović 58, Turpel 90+3
30/09/2018LeagueFC Union Titus Pétange (H)W 6-1Turpel 45+3 (P), 72, Sinani 63, Ibrahimović 78, 81, Pokar 85
04/10/2018UELReal Betis Balompié (A)L 0-3
07/10/2018LeagueRacing FC Union Lëtzebuerg (A)D 1-1Couturier 33
20/10/2018LeagueFC Progrès Niederkorn (H)W 4-1Couturier 12, Turpel 29, 70, Kruska 44
25/10/2018UELOlympiacos FC (H)L 0-2
28/10/2018CupUS Sandweiler (A)W 6-0Ibrahimović 44, 61, Jensen 46, Perez 51, Paulo 86 (og), Stolz 89
31/10/2018LeagueAS Jeunesse Esch (H)L 1-3Stolz 45+2
04/11/2018LeagueUS Rumelange (A)W 9-2Jordanov 4, Perez 23, 26, 43, 44, Е. Agovic 62, Biševac 69, Sinani 73, Turpel 85
08/11/2018UELOlympiacos FC (A)L 1-5Sinani 69
11/11/2018LeagueFC Etzella Ettelbruck (H)W 4-2Cruz 10, Turpel 15, Perez 28, Kenia 49
25/11/2018LeagueFC Victoria Rosport (A)D 2-2Sinani 65, Turpel 70
29/11/2018UELAC Milan (A)L 2-5Stolz 39, Turpel 49
02/12/2018LeagueUS Hostert (H)W 4-1Ibrahimović 8, 48, 90+1, Mélisse 42
09/12/2018CupCS Fola Esch (H)W 2-1Stolz 13, Turpel 79
13/12/2018UELReal Betis Balompié (H)
24/02/2019LeagueFC Differdange 03 (A)
03/03/2019LeagueCS Fola Esch (H)
10/03/2019LeagueUS Mondorf-les-Bains (A)
17/03/2019LeagueAS Jeunesse Esch (A)
14/04/2019LeagueRacing FC Union Lëtzebuerg (H)
28/04/2019LeagueUS Rumelange (H)
01/05/2019LeagueFC Etzella Ettelbruck (A)
05/05/2019LeagueFC Victoria Rosport (H)
12/05/2019LeagueUS Hostert (A)
19/05/2019LeagueFC RM Hamm Benfica (H)
1AS Jeunesse Esch13922271229
2CS Fola Esch13904321327
3F91 Dudelange13823392126
4FC Progrès Niederkorn13814291725
5FC Differdange 0313724181223
6Racing FC Union Lëtzebuerg13643221322
7FC Union Titus Pétange13535162618
8FC UNA Strassen13517232316
9US Mondorf-les-Bains13436202115
10FC Etzella Ettelbruck13436162215
11FC Victoria Rosport13337162912
12US Hostert13337143212
13FC RM Hamm Benfica1323816279
14US Rumelange1322920408
Real Betis BalompiéFixtures and results
17/08/2018LeagueLevante UD (H)L 0-3
25/08/2018LeagueDeportivo Alavés (A)D 0-0
02/09/2018LeagueSevilla FC (H)W 1-0Joaquín 80
15/09/2018LeagueValencia CF (A)D 0-0
20/09/2018UELOlympiacos FC (A)D 0-0
23/09/2018LeagueAthletic Club (H)D 2-2Bartra 51, Canales 68
27/09/2018LeagueGirona FC (A)W 1-0Loren Morón 64
30/09/2018LeagueCD Leganés (H)W 1-0Loren Morón 89
04/10/2018UELF91 Dudelange (H)W 3-0Sanabria 56, Lo Celso 80, Tello 88
07/10/2018LeagueClub Atlético de Madrid (A)L 0-1
21/10/2018LeagueReal Valladolid CF (H)L 0-1
25/10/2018UELAC Milan (A)W 2-1Sanabria 30, Lo Celso 55
28/10/2018LeagueGetafe CF (A)L 0-2
01/11/2018CupReal Racing Club (A)W 1-0Sergio León 8 (P)
04/11/2018LeagueRC Celta de Vigo (H)D 3-3Loren Morón 33, Junior Firpo 57, Canales 87
08/11/2018UELAC Milan (H)D 1-1Lo Celso 12
11/11/2018LeagueFC Barcelona (A)W 4-3Junior Firpo 20, Joaquín 34, Lo Celso 71, Canales 83
25/11/2018LeagueVillarreal CF (A)L 1-2Lo Celso 90
29/11/2018UELOlympiacos FC (H)W 1-0Canales 39
02/12/2018LeagueReal Sociedad de Fútbol (H)W 1-0Junior Firpo 33
06/12/2018CupReal Racing Club (H)W 4-0Pérez 32 (og), Sanabria 59 (P), Sergio León 69, Lo Celso 89
09/12/2018LeagueRayo Vallecano de Madrid (H)W 2-0Lo Celso 59 (P), Sidnei 76
13/12/2018UELF91 Dudelange (A)
16/12/2018LeagueRCD Espanyol (A)
22/12/2018LeagueSD Eibar (H)
06/01/2019LeagueSD Huesca (A)
13/01/2019LeagueReal Madrid CF (H)
20/01/2019LeagueGirona FC (H)
27/01/2019LeagueAthletic Club (A)
03/02/2019LeagueClub Atlético de Madrid (H)
10/02/2019LeagueCD Leganés (A)
17/02/2019LeagueDeportivo Alavés (H)
24/02/2019LeagueReal Valladolid CF (A)
03/03/2019LeagueGetafe CF (H)
10/03/2019LeagueRC Celta de Vigo (A)
17/03/2019LeagueFC Barcelona (H)
31/03/2019LeagueRayo Vallecano de Madrid (A)
03/04/2019LeagueReal Sociedad de Fútbol (A)
07/04/2019LeagueVillarreal CF (H)
14/04/2019LeagueSevilla FC (A)
21/04/2019LeagueValencia CF (H)
24/04/2019LeagueLevante UD (A)
28/04/2019LeagueRCD Espanyol (H)
05/05/2019LeagueSD Eibar (A)
12/05/2019LeagueSD Huesca (H)
19/05/2019LeagueReal Madrid CF (A)
1FC Barcelona15942411931
2Sevilla FC15843271628
3Club Atlético de Madrid15771211028
4Real Madrid CF15825231926
5Deportivo Alavés15735181724
6Levante UD15645272522
7Real Betis Balompié15645161722
8Getafe CF15564161221
9Girona FC15564171721
10RCD Espanyol15636172021
11RC Celta de Vigo15555282420
12Real Valladolid CF15555131520
13Real Sociedad de Fútbol15546181819
14SD Eibar15546192319
15Valencia CF15393121218
16CD Leganés15456151917
17Villarreal CF15357151914
18Athletic Club15285152314
19Rayo Vallecano de Madrid15249153010
20SD Huesca15141012307

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Competition stages

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  • 3QR: Third qualifying round
  • R1: First round
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  • R3: Third round
  • R4: Fourth round
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  • R16: round of 16
  • QR: Qualifying round
  • R32: Round of 32
  • 1QR: First qualifying round
  • 1st: first leg
  • 2QR: Second qualifying round
  • 2nd: second leg
  • FT: Final tournament
  • PO: Play-off
  • ELITE: Elite round
  • Rep: Replay
  • 3rdPO: Third-place play-off
  • PO - FT: Play-off for Final Tournament
  • GS-FT: Group stage – final tournament

Other abbreviations

  • (aet): After extra time
  • pens: Penalties
  • No.: Number
  • og: Own goal
  • ag: Match decided on away goals
  • P: Penalty
  • agg: Aggregate
  • Pld: Matches played
  • AP: Appearances
  • Pos.: Position
  • Comp.: Competition
  • Pts: Points
  • D: Drawn
  • R: Sent off (straight red card)
  • DoB: Date of birth
  • Res.: Result
  • ET: Extra Time
  • sg: Match decided by silver goal
  • GA: Goals against
  • t: Match decided by toss of a coin
  • GF: Goals for
  • W: Won
  • gg: Match decided by golden goal
  • Y: Booked
  • L: Lost
  • Y/R: Sent off (two yellow cards)
  • Nat.: Nationality
  • N/A: Not applicable
  • f: Match forfeited


  • -: Denotes player substituted
  • +: Denotes player introduced
  • *: Denotes player sent off
  • +/-: Denotes player introduced and substituted

Squad list

  • D: Disciplinary
  • *: Misses next match if booked
  • S: Suspended
  • QUAL: All UEFA qualifiers
  • UEL: Current season total UEFA Europa League appearances from the group stage onwards prior to the current matchday
  • UEL: Total appearances in the UEFA Europa League, group stage to final only
  • UEFA: All-time total appearances in UEFA club competition including qualifying
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