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UEFA Women’s and Men’s Under-19 Championships 2020/21 cancelled

2021 UEFA Futsal Champions League finals relocated to Croatia


2020/21 Women’s and Men’s Under-19 Championships

The UEFA Executive Committee today decided to cancel the 2021 UEFA Women’s and Men’s Under-19 Championships due to the Covid-19 pandemic and its effects on the staging of competitions.

In making these decisions, the UEFA Executive Committee took note that, with the government restrictions currently in place, the travelling of teams and staging of mini-tournaments would prove very difficult.

The UEFA member associations were consulted and supported the decision. Although it is unfortunate that no youth competitions can take place in the current season, the health and safety of young athletes must be prioritized in the current circumstances.

2020/21 UEFA Futsal Champions League Finals

The UEFA Executive Committee took note of the epidemiological situation in Belarus and the current travel restrictions into the country, which could prevent some teams and officials from participating in the 2020/21 UEFA Futsal Champions League finals.

After consultation with the Belarus Football Federation, the committee decided to look for an alternative venue for the event.

As the Croatian Football Federation declared its availability to take over the staging of the finals, the UEFA Executive Committee decided to appoint Zagreb as the host of the tournament, originally scheduled in Minsk from 28 April to 3 May.

Concussion substitution trial at the 2019-21 UEFA Under-21 Championship

The UEFA Executive Committee approved the introduction of a concussion substitution trial for the 2019-21 UEFA European Under-21 Championship (final phase in Hungary and Slovenia).

Each team may use one “concussion substitute” per match, regardless of the number of substitutes already used, in accordance with Protocol A as outlined by IFAB.

Concussion substitutions are counted on top of the number of the normal substitution opportunities and it is irrelevant whether, at the time of the concussion substitution, all other substitutions have already been made or not by the team. However, a “concussion substitute” cannot be a player who has previously been substituted.