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Pogba supporting landmine victims in Afghanistan

If football is Paul Pogba's driving passion, it is a love he is sharing through his support of the UEFA-ICRC partnership for landmine victims in Afghanistan. Watch his exclusive interview.

What does Paul Pogba think about being voted into the users’ Team of the Year 2015? Why is it important for footballers to contribute to social responsibility projects such as the UEFA-ICRC partnership for landmine victims in Afghanistan? What are his views on using football as a vector of personal development? Watch the exclusive interview.

Paul Pogba will hand over the now annual UEFA donation to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) before the Juventus-Bayern UEFA Champions League round of 16 first-leg match on 23 February.

Voted into the users' Team of the Year 2015, Juventus' French international midfielder has welcomed this opportunity to support the ICRC, whose UEFA-backed initiative assists landmine victims in Afghanistan with prosthetic fittings, physiotherapy and of course football. Indeed, a football team has been set up at the ICRC rehabilitation centre in Kabul to help patients strengthen their bodies and rebuild their self-esteem. Pogba went beyond the call of duty by engaging directly with the ICRC players, including via Skype.

In an exclusive interview, the 22-year-old Pogba also gave his thoughts on several topics including being voted into the users' Team of the Year, socially aware footballers, and soccer as a vehicle for personal development.

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ICRC-UEFA work in Afghanistan
ICRC-UEFA work in Afghanistan Why do you support the ICRC rehabilitation programme in Afghanistan?

Paul Pogba: It is an honour for me to be chosen and to take part in this initiative. This shows us once again how lucky we are – we are able to play football, we are healthy. I am really touched to be doing this and I want to thank the ICRC. When I play football I think a lot about these people, because when you are off the pitch life goes on, you are a normal person. We are incredibly lucky and we have to realise that. How has football helped you build your identity and confidence?

Pogba: Football has always helped me to realise my dreams. I have a winning mentality, I like to win. If I am upset, or if something is not right in my private life, then football puts a smile back on my face. I am in love with football, I enjoy it. It always helps me in my everyday life. As people say: it is the love of my life.