Foundation backing 45 new projects

The UEFA Foundation for Children is supporting 45 new projects for 2018/19 in Europe and beyond - demonstrating that the body is fulfilling its key objective to help children through sport and football.

The UEFA Foundation for Children has received additional funding to support projects
The UEFA Foundation for Children has received additional funding to support projects ©UEFA Foundation/Catherine Cabrol

The UEFA Foundation for Children continues to show total commitment in fulfilling its mission on behalf of children across Europe and beyond.

The foundation has received additional funds which allow €3.8m to be allocated to supporting humanitarian projects – and has added a series of new projects to an already impressive portfolio of activities.

At its recent meeting, the Foundation's board of trustees selected and approved 45 new projects for 2018/19, in which the body will be carrying out its key objective to help children – through sport and football in particular – by providing backing primarily in the areas of health, education, access to sport, personal development, integration and defending the rights of the child.

The projects, which cover a wide variety of relevant areas and activities, reflect the determination of UEFA President Aleksander Čeferin – who is chairman of the foundation – to intensify the invaluable and groundbreaking work that has been taking place. "Our foundation plays an instrumental role in aiding children living in challenging and difficult conditions around the world," said Mr Čeferin.

The board of trustees' latest choice of new projects follows September's decision by the UEFA Executive Committee to allocate additional funding for the 2018/19 financial year for the foundation to support humanitarian projects.

Between the time that Mr Čeferin was elected as the foundation's chairman in November 2017 and today, a total of 82 projects in Europe and elsewhere have been added to the foundation's portfolio, with a total of 180 initiatives supported since the foundation was launched in 2015.

Many non-profit organisations that share the foundation's values responded to a call for projects issued during summer 2018. They submitted projects promoting access to sport, health, education, personal development and/or the integration of minorities.

In selecting 45 new projects, the board of trustees decided that half of the increased funding should be allocated to European projects, and the other half to projects in the rest of the world.

Careful planning and management are strengthening the foundation's development strategies and expanding the range of its work. "It has been a great pleasure to be able to participate in the selection of the projects," said board of trustees member Fiona May.

"Hopefully we can reach and help as many children around the world to give them opportunities as well as education thanks to sport."

For more information about the foundation’s activities, a hard copy of its activity report can be requested by sending an email to