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How the men's futsal national team coefficients are calculated

The UEFA men's futsal national team coefficients are calculated using an Elo algorithm, which relies on adding or subtracting points according to teams winning or losing a game. This number of points, rewarding or penalising teams, is function of the relative strength between the two teams playing against each other. The system was implemented as from the start of the UEFA European qualifying competition for the 2020 FIFA Futsal World Cup.

All national senior team matches played in official tournaments (UEFA Futsal EURO and FIFA Futsal World Cup, qualifying and final tournaments) are taken into consideration. Friendly matches do not count.

Technical framework

The mathematical formula takes this form:


Ct = team’s coefficient after the match

Ct_1= team’s coefficient before the match

I = importance of the match:
1 for qualifying round and qualifying round play-off matches (including all matches of the UEFA European qualifying competition for the FIFA Futsal World Cup)
1 for qualifying group stage and play-off matches
1.5 for final tournament group stage matches
for round of 16 matches
for quarter-final matches
for semi-final matches
for third-place matches
for final matches

F = 100

W = result of the match:
for win (including after extra time)
0.5 for draw (including any game that goes to penalties)
0 for defeat (including after extra time)

We = expected result of the match (outcome probability of the match)

We = 1/(1+10^(-dc)/600) being dc the difference in coefficients of the two playing teams.

Specific calculation condition

Final tournament floors: the team's coefficient upon completion of a final tournament group stage cannot be negative. Such a floor will also apply for each knockout round.

Additional conditions

To be included in the ranking table, a team should have played at least two coefficient-relevant matches and should not have been inactive over the previous 36 months. When a new team is introduced, it takes the lowest-ranked team coefficient at the time of the team’s entry.

In order to determine the coefficients of non-European opponent teams in the final phase of the FIFA Futsal World Cup, the same coefficient value as the European team is taken into account.