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Heiner-Møller, Sundhage both happy

Denmark coach Kenneth Heiner-Møller said: "I'm glad I didn't give her any hints," after Stina Petersen's two penalty saves in the 1-1 draw with Sweden that left Pia Sundhage satisfied.

Heiner-Møller, Sundhage both happy
Heiner-Møller, Sundhage both happy ©UEFA.com

Pia Sundhage, Sweden coach
It is a long tournament and we have two more games. The fact we couldn't score from two penalty kicks, that's not the best situation. But at the end of the day we played in front of a big crowd, we have started the first game and now we are in the tournament. Yes, I am satisfied.

I expected exactly what we saw out there. [Denmark] are loyal to their way of playing, have a lot of touches on the ball and [exhibit] a good passing game. Unfortunately we were not able to win the ball in midfield as much as we have done before, and you can tell some of the players gave away the ball in weird situations.

But it is understandable – first game, a lot of pressure, and I think they dealt with it well. The most important thing is the two players that took the penalties, they need to deal with it, that's tough, they probably need one or two days.

Of course, we talked about who would take the penalties. But when they are out there they also have the responsibility. Yes, Lotta Schelin was the first choice to take a penalty kick.

When it comes to set pieces, a player like Nilla Fischer is important, of course, just look at the goal today. Not only that, we got a couple of corners and we will get more in the tournament, so the fact she is good in the air is important for this team.

I loved [the pressure]. I'm used to it. It is different [to the United States] as I am a Swedish coach, so it was a little bit special. I was very proud that the stadium was packed, more so than when I was coach in the States.

Kenneth Heiner-Møller, Denmark coach
There was big pressure on our goal in the last half of the second half and the last 20 minutes. I am satisfied with our first half, we did well. We knew Sweden would come hard and try to press us and I have so much respect for the players who kept their heads cool, sometimes too cool, but how we want to play the game.

And thanks to Stina. She called me this morning and said: "Do we have any video of their penalties," and I didn't have any. So I'm glad I didn't give her any hints! We are happy with our game, we came to this game to win it, but as they got two penalties a draw is OK, but we are a bit disappointed we didn't get three points.

It's an opener and we knew there was a lot of media attention and we didn't know how Sweden would react or how we would react. But Stina reacted quite well. We knew players would have to come up with something special to get something out of the match and Stina did.

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