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Heiner-Møller hails Denmark's dream win

"Look at us – we're in the semi-finals against Norway," exclaimed Kenneth Heiner-Møller after Denmark edged France on penalties, while Bruno Bini said his side "didn't deserve to go out".

Heiner-Møller hails Denmark's dream win
Heiner-Møller hails Denmark's dream win ©UEFA.com

Kenneth Heiner-Møller, Denmark coach
We started pretty well. The first 45 minutes went as planned; we were good at keeping the ball and the players' movement was good. Then France started to up the tempo and we struggled because they've got so many skillful and fast players and we stood off them. Still, nothing can take the place of hard work. We fought hard, we dug deep, and I am very, very happy.

What the men's team did in in Sweden in '92 was extraordinary and we'd like to go down the same path, but there's a long way to go. I don't know who's going to get out of bed tomorrow, or which players will be limping.

If you didn't know [Stina Petersen was good at saving penalties], now you do. In normal time [facing Louisa Necib's penalty] she also got her hands on the ball; she must be good at reading the game and reading the kick. She had another good game. She's been growing into this tournament. She's just improving, getting better and better.

I think we have had some bad luck [in the past], and we can't say we haven't been lucky in this tournament. Today it was a bit of luck – when it goes to penalties it's luck, but it's also talent, talent to take the penalties. As the game went on, more and more people were cheering for us. It is a good place for us to play and I am happy we are staying in Sweden.

It's going to be a fantastic game [against Norway]. Norway and Denmark always play tight games and it will be decided by small margins. And hopefully as this tournament is turning out, the margin will be to our advantage. I have yet another game – and maybe one more… It's going to be a hard game, but look at us – we're in the semi-finals against Norway! We're one of the four best teams in Europe.

Bruno Bini, France coach
We're disappointed, of course. We didn't deserve to go out over the 90 minutes, even if we didn't play well for the first 35 minutes. But we ended the first half well and improved in the second half and extra time. We managed to equalise. I get the impression that I'm reliving the same scenario as in 2009 – against the Netherlands it was the same. You need a little bit of luck. We hit the bar and it came back out. And when it comes to penalties, sometimes you win and sometimes the other team wins.

Denmark's two extra days to recover was a lot. Perhaps we were a little tense as well. We were playing against a team who are here because of a miracle, so they had nothing to lose. They created problems for us between our lines, and we adjusted to that and started playing our game, but in the meantime we conceded. After that, it takes a lot of effort to look for an equaliser, even if we ended the game a lot stronger than them. I wish Denmark good luck – it's no coincidence that they're here.

[Sandrine Soubeyrand] is a master on the pitch. She hasn't said anything to me about retiring, but if so we'll talk about it later. If so, she deserves it. She's admirable. I wish every coach in the world – in men's or women's football, and at every level – the chance to meet someone like her one day.

We've given a fantastic image of women's football, even if we've been eliminated. We've been eliminated after winning three games and drawing one. The girls have nothing to be ashamed of in terms of how they've presented women's football.

[On his own future] This isn't the time to talk about that. There's a time for everything.