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UEFA-AFC security partnership succeeds in India


UEFA joined forces with the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) to help deliver a successful stadium security operation at the recent FIFA Under-17 World Cup in India.

UEFA-AFC security partnership succeeds in India
UEFA-AFC security partnership succeeds in India ©FIFA

A key stadium and security partnership between UEFA and the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) had a major impact on the recent FIFA Under-17 World Cup in India.

The European and Asian continental football confederations pooled their experience and resources in ensuring the successful delivery of safety and security operations at the tournament’s stadiums.

UEFA is reinforcing assistance to and cooperation with other confederations and their member associations, in order to develop and strengthen football across the globe.

To this end, the European governing body has recently launched its ASSIST programme focusing, among other things, on sharing knowledge and best practices worldwide in a broad range of fields.

Safety and security cooperation between UEFA and AFC was a crucial factor in ensuring that there were no major incidents in any of the U17 World Cup stadiums, and that a safe, welcoming environment was provided for spectators and all those involved at matches.

Evaluation of the maximum safe capacities of the Indian tournament stadiums ahead of the event was especially helpful to the local organising committee and public authorities in preparing various safety and security aspects.

“The support from the AFC-UEFA partnership throughout this process was key,” said local organising committee tournament director Javier Ceppi in thanking the two confederations.

“The World Cup has been praised by all industry experts,” Ceppi added, “and by spectators as the most welcoming and secure environment that an event has had in [India] till date.”

UEFA puts considerable emphasis on efficient, well-trained stewards at football matches, and the tournament stewarding programme came in for praise, in particular as regards the training of stewards ahead of the event.

“For the first time in India,” Ceppi said, “the concept of stewarding was introduced, and it is safe to say that this has the potential to revolutionise the way safety and security in sporting events is conducted here.”

“Stewards were really the stars of the tournament, they conducted their work flawlessly and with a level of professionalism that would be the envy of tournaments all over the world.”

“We are extremely appreciative of all the support, guidance and help you provided us throughout this process,” Ceppi told UEFA and AFC.

“We really marked a revolution in the way events in India are conducted from a safety and security perspective, and it would have not been possible without all your help and personal attention towards this project.”