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UEFA 'Press Play' vlog series now live

Four top European players feature in the first episode of UEFA's new weekly vlog series designed to increase the visibility of women's football to teenage girls.

UEFA vlog to focus on women players' lives

The first episode of UEFA's ground-breaking weekly vlog series 'Press Play' is now live on the official #WePlayStrong YouTube channel.

UEFA is providing a unique look into the daily lives of four professional footballers across Europe in a weekly vlog series designed to raise the visibility of women's football to teenage girls and showcase the game as an aspirational lifestyle choice.

Press Play will focuses on the lives of four top players, Scotland and Arsenal forward Lisa Evans, Basel's German striker Eunice Beckmann, and Austrian internationals Sarah Zadrazil and Laura Feiersinger, who ply their trade at German clubs Turbine Potsdam and Sand respectively.

Basel's Eunice Beckmann
Basel's Eunice Beckmann©UEFA.com

While the four play at different clubs in different countries, they have unique football stories to tell and each have their own interests off the pitch, they are all friends and at times their stories will connect. The girls are fun-loving, kind, educated and hard-working, and the project seeks to position them as role models for youngsters around Europe, whether they aim to play football professionally or not.

As well as giving exclusive behind-the-scenes access to their training and match routines, Press Play captures all aspects of their daily lives, from breakfast to bedtime.

Arsenal's Lisa Evans
Arsenal's Lisa Evans©UEFA.com

This unique access is part of UEFA's ongoing strategy to grow girls and women's participation in football. One key pillar of the strategy is to change the image of the game. Through its Together #WePlayStrong campaign, UEFA intends to make football more culturally relevant and aspirational for girls in their teenage years, where they drop out of the sport in large numbers. Another central pillar is increasing visibility of females playing football, so broadcast platforms like YouTube, Instagram and Musical.ly are crucial.

"I'm delighted to be able to give young girls an insight into what my life is like through Press Play, on a platform that is so accessible – which is exactly what football should be for girls everywhere. Football is a huge part of everything I do and hopefully revealing what goes on at training and on a matchday will inspire girls to pick up a ball and have fun with the sport too."
Lisa Evans, Arsenal and Scotland forward

Sand's Laura Feiersinger
Sand's Laura Feiersinger©UEFA.com

"Football is obviously a huge part of my life but I'm really excited to show girls, through Press Play, that even as a professional player I do have other passions. I think a lot of girls believe that if you're a footballer, that's all you can do, but I have lots of other hobbies that I hope will show girls that football can fit into your life, whatever you're interested in."
Laura Feiersinger, Sand and Austria midfielder

"Taking part in the Press Play vlog series is fantastic because I'm doing it with three of my friends. Despite living in different countries, we all try to keep in touch as much as possible, and I think it will be great for girls to see how close we all are thanks to football. I'm also excited to give an insight into football in Switzerland, and show girls where the sport could take them."
Eunice Beckmann, Basel forward

Turbine Potsdam's Sarah Zadrazil
Turbine Potsdam's Sarah Zadrazil©UEFA.com

"I'm really excited to bring the Press Play vlog series to girls across the world, and reveal exactly what goes into being a professional football player. Training and playing games are certainly a massive part of what we do, but with things such as diet and fitness there is so much more to it that I hope girls will find interesting and inspiring."
Sarah Zadrazil, Turbine Potsdam and Austria midfielder

"Press Play is a project unlike anything we've done before at UEFA and we are grateful to the four players for the access they have committed to us. Within the women's game, we have an abundance of brilliant talent and personalities and we are commited to telling their stories to inspire more girls and women to play and keep playing football."
Peter Willems, UEFA head of marketing activities and sponsorship

The first episode of Press Play is available to watch on the We Play Strong YouTube Channel.

For further information on Together #WePlayStrong head to www.weplaystrong.org