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Course details: The UEFA Futsal B Diploma

What you need to know about the specialist UEFA Futsal B Diploma, which takes participants from grassroots towards the elite futsal game.

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This page provides a detailed overview of the UEFA Futsal B Diploma, which teaches participants age- and ability-specific futsal coaching techniques to provide futsal players and teams from youth to senior amateur level with a positive experience to enhance their performance through knowledge and skills.

This involves managing all aspects of improving individual and team performance, as well as evaluating, analysing and providing feedback on futsal training and match performance.

UEFA Futsal B Diploma requirements

Course participants on the UEFA Futsal B diploma are required to have a valid UEFA C licence or a valid national futsal qualification.

Course length

Futsal coaching requires a unique approach and differing techniques from the 11-a-side game
Futsal coaching requires a unique approach and differing techniques from the 11-a-side gameBongarts/Getty Images

The UEFA Futsal B Diploma requires a total minimum 120 hours of education including work experience in a club environment. At least 74 hours of the minimum 120 hours will be spent on the pitch.

Four pillars of the UEFA B Diploma

The specialised futsal coach

- Developing the futsal players and the team in a manner appropriate to their ages and abilities
- Managing all aspects of individual and team futsal performance
- Developing a clear methodology for what and how to teach, to cater to the needs of all futsal players with a variety of backgrounds

The player and environment

- Understanding the characteristics and playing positions to develop futsal players within the team structure
- Allowing futsal players to explore and experiment in the search for effective solutions
- Evaluating individual playing and social behaviours during futsal training sessions and games

The course helps coaches develop individual and team performance
The course helps coaches develop individual and team performanceGetty Images


- Planning and delivering futsal training sessions that are challenging and meet the needs of the individual and the whole team
- Managing, coaching and motivating the group of futsal players effectively in order to achieve a skilful technical performance
- Integrating physical performance aspects effectively into the futsal coaching sessions

The match

- Planning effectively to improve the futsal team’s performance
- Coaching the futsal team in a suitable manner
- Evaluating individual and team performance during futsal matches
- Analysing and reflecting on performance using a variety of different methods in order to provide effective feedback to individual futsal players and the team as a whole

How do I enrol for a UEFA Futsal B Diploma?

Contact your national football association for the latest course information, availability and eligibility.

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