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UEFA Club Competitions to feature in Football Manager™ 2023

The latest release of the Football Manager™ series will include UEFA’s most iconic football club competitions for the first time.


The UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Europa Conference League and UEFA Super Cup will feature for the first time ever in Sports Interactive™’s and SEGA©’s iconic series, Football Manager™.

The 2023 edition of the game, which will be released on 8 November, thrusts fans closer to every aspect of the beautiful game, from supporters filling the stands to scouts, players, opposition managers and the newly-licensed competitions.

Additionally, for the first time, the depth and drama of the world’s leading football management simulation series arrives on PlayStation 5. Tailored to the Dualsense™ controller, Football Manager™ 2023 Console will release alongside the PC/Mac title.

Miles Jacobson, Sports Interactive’s studio director

“Football Manager™ 2023 marks another significant step forward for the Football Manager series as we introduce the UEFA Club Competitions and bring the game to PlayStation 5. Adding these historic competitions is an ideal fit for all parties involved and will add another dynamic and challenging element for fans that makes this year’s edition the most realistic football management simulation available.”

Although it will not feature in Football Manager™ 2023, the flagship women’s football club competition, the UEFA Women’s Champions League, is also included in the licensing agreement and will debut in a future version of the game. Additionally, Football Manager™ 2023 will be unveiling new game features in the coming weeks across the Football Manager social media channels, the Football Manager website and FMFC, the Football Manager members’ hub.

Fans purchasing physical copies of Football Manager™ 2023 for PC/Mac will notice that this year’s edition does not include a disc. Instead, every pack contains a unique code that, once redeemed, enables play via a choice of digital platforms. Removing the disc and notebook from this year’s edition, in addition to further refinements to our eco-packaging, means that the overall carbon footprint for Football Manager™ 2023’s packaging is 47% lower than Football Manager™ 2022’s. All in all, the overall gCO2 equivalent of the Football Manager packaging has fallen from 256 for Football Manager™ 2019 to just 66 for Football Manager™ 2023.