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2020/21 UEFA club competition technical reports – out now

Analysis, opinions, facts and figures take centre stage in the in-depth technical reviews of last season’s four major European club football and futsal competitions.

The reports, compiled by UEFA's teams of experienced technical experts, look back at the action and events in the 2020/21 UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Women’s Champions League and UEFA Futsal Champions League.

Insights and trends

Crucial insights are given into the tactical and technical performance of the teams that took part in the four competitions. The spotlight also falls on important trends and changes, and teams' performance data is revealed in fascinating detail.

The major findings are underlined in clips, statistics and graphics, which also offer up-to-date education and football development information and can be quickly accessed in a modern digital form.

Why are the reports important?

The objective of each competition report is to enhance the educational concepts provided by UEFA, improve coaches' competence and, consequently, foster the development of players and the game on this continent as a whole.

As well as supplying key information for the coaching community, UEFA's technical reports are also a worthwhile read for dedicated football statisticians and the media – and will certainly also be of interest to football fans and keen observers of the game throughout Europe.

Key findings in the 2020/21 technical reports

UEFA Champions League

UCL Technical Report Analysis
UCL Technical Report Analysis

Read the full UEFA Champions League report

UEFA Europa League

UEL Technical Report Analysis
UEL Technical Report Analysis

Read the full UEFA Europa League report

UEFA Women’s Champions League

UWCL Technical Report Analysis
UWCL Technical Report Analysis
  • The value of high pressing, and the need to cope with it
  • A look at productivity levels in wing play
  • The importance of creating chances and converting them

Read the full UEFA Women's Champions League report

UEFA Futsal Champions League

UFCL Technical Report Analysis
UFCL Technical Report Analysis
  • Attributes of the modern futsal goalkeeper
  • Strategies to neutralise a power play
  • Taking attacking risks – the ‘122’ approach

Read the full UEFA Futsal Champions League report

Technical reports website

UEFA competition technical reports can be found on a dedicated UEFA website.

The site – www.uefatechnicalreports.com – features digital-format reports which cover the broad range of the UEFA men's and women's football and futsal competitions.