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Health and well-being

We use the visibility and popularity of European football to promote the benefits of healthy, active lifestyles for all age groups.

UEFA’s health and well-being policy underlines our commitment to leveraging the power of football to support healthy lifestyles – from encouraging physical activity across all age groups to ensuring European football venues meet the highest health standards.

Healthy, sustainable catering guidelines

Launched in 2023, the first-ever UEFA Healthy and Sustainable Catering Guidelines set a new benchmark for organisers of sports event. Developed in collaboration with ALMA, the School of Italian Culinary Arts, the document offers practical advice on how to make responsible, sustainable food and beverage choices that minimise costs and waste.

The guidelines are part of our Europe-wide efforts to ensure everyone can watch our competitions in a healthy, safe environment. Since 2023, we have made all venues for our club competition finals smoke-free to protect people from the harmful effects of tobacco.

Coaches for Health campaign

We also promote the mental and physical health benefits of playing football, regardless of age or ability. For example, in 2021, our #FeelWellPlayWell campaign mobilised the European coaching community to educate adolescents about the importance of making healthy lifestyle choices.

"I have an important message for all young people. Too many youngsters are exercising too little which worries me … Play football. Go running. Climb the stairs at home! Stay active and move for 60 minutes every day."

Louis van Gaal, Netherlands (#FeelWellPlayWell 2021)

More than 60 national team coaches, recorded 10–30 second video messages advising 13–17 year-olds about nutrition, physical activity, mental health and substance abuse – especially alcohol and tobacco.

We are currently developing a UEFA health and well-being toolkit. This will build on the messages delivered through our #FeelWellPlayWell campaign by educating parents, coaches and young adults about the benefits of good nutrition, physical activity, mental well-being, healthy relationships with digital screens and road safety.

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