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Top Booking Tips

Let me give you a top tip:

We’ve partnered up with Booking.com to help you find the perfect accommodation for your budget and travel needs. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be unsure what to consider before making a booking, so we've made a checklist to help you find the stay that's right for you.

1. Find out about a property’s health and safety measures

Many properties' pages on Booking.com now provide more in-depth details on the specific health and safety measures they have in place. This includes information about physical distancing measures and the type of cleaning regime the property has implemented. These details are presented in a clear and consistent format so you can easily compare them. You can also check each property's overall cleanliness review score, based on previous guests' experiences.

2. Check the accommodation's cancellation policy

Many properties offer refundable booking options. Click on the respective policy on the property page to find out more – it’s worth reading the small print. This is also where Booking.com provides details about the risk you may be taking in booking non-refundable or partially refundable reservations.

3. Choose the type of accommodation you're most comfortable with

Whether you’re happy staying in a hostel, keen to book a hotel room or looking for a whole home, Booking.com has the right filters in place to facilitate your search. Also check our budget guide below to see which types of accommodation are available in each host city.

4. Consider check-in policies and additional costs

Before booking, be sure to read up on the accommodation’s policy – simply scroll to the ‘House rules’ at the bottom of the individual accommodation descriptions on Booking.com’s website.

  • Adding an extra guest to your accommodation may result in additional costs. Be sure to know the final number of people staying before you confirm your booking.
  • For smooth travels, be aware of your accommodation’s check-in and check-out policies. You may also be eligible for a late check-out if you’re a member of Booking.com’s loyalty programme, Genius.
  • Room prices may vary depending on city/VAT taxes. Extra bedding, towels, accommodation activities and facilities may also occur additional costs.
  • Double check if your accommodation properties accept credit cards, require a deposit or an upfront payment.

5. Don't be afraid to ask for help

Still need more information? If you’re using Booking.com, they have an extensive COVID-19 FAQ section as well as a COVID-19 resource page. And their customer service team is available 24/7 to answer any questions.

Budget my trip

Munich is more expensive than other cities in Germany, but accommodation rates are competitive and mid-range compared to other European cities. If you’re on a budget, a central yet slightly less expensive area to stay in is Isarvorstadt.

🛏️ Price / night*:

  • Hostels: from €25/night
  • Hotels: from €80/night
  • Apartments: from €60/night
  • Luxury hotels: from €120/night

*Please note that rates may increase closer to the tournament. Book early for the best deals.

Getty Images/iStockphoto

We’ve partnered up with Booking.com to help you find the perfect accommodation for your budget and travel needs.

💰 Hostels

For anyone travelling at the last minute or wanting to see the game on a budget, hostels are a great option. Booking.com has over 13 flexible and affordable hostels in Munich. If the health situation allows, many of these host social events around the football if you’re looking to celebrate with other fans.

💰💰 Hotels

When it comes to value-for-money accommodation for the football, Booking.com has more than 170 3-star hotels in Munich. Just pick your perfect location, book and then simply check in to kick off the adventure.

💰💰 Rental Apartments

If you’re in for a more local experience and travel in a big group, a rental apartment might be the best option. The city has a healthy inventory of them, but demand will be high, so be quick! Staying at one of Booking.com’s 133-plus apartments in Munich is an ideal way to feel at home before and after the game.

💰💰💰 Luxury 5-star hotels

If you fancy turning your UEFA EURO 2020 trip into a luxurious retreat, Booking.com has plenty of 5-star accommodations in Munich city centre.

Location Guide

Every area of Munich will hold its own appeal for travelling football fans, so we’ve broken down the city into six main options of where to stay and why, according to Booking.com travellers.

🏟️ Close to the stadium

For those looking to stay close to the stadium, head to the Schwabing-Freimann, which is within walking distance of the venue. Be quick and book as soon as possible to secure your room.

The journey from Schwabing-Freimann to the stadium takes approximately 45 minutes by foot or 15 by metro.

📸 Close to the city’s attractions

If you’ve never been to Munich and you want to be in the heart of the UEFA Festival buzz, Altstadt is the place to stay. The majority of Munich’s attractions are located in Altstadt (e.g. Marienplatz), making it the historic and geographic centre of the city. The area is a pedestrian zone and perfect for shopping and eating out, as it's safe to do so. There are plenty of accommodation options, just pick your favourite on Booking.com.

The journey from Altstadt to the stadium takes approximately 35 minutes by public transport.

🎉 Close to nightlife

If you’ve set out to make your UEFA EURO 2020 experience a never-ending celebration, staying in Maxvorstadt may just be what you need. It has a lively and vibrant student population. Depending on the health situation, this area of the city is where you’ll find a variety of things to do at night, no matter your age, style or budget. Booking.com has over 43 properties located in Maxvorstadt.

The journey from Maxvorstadt to the stadium takes approximately 30 minutes by public transport.

✈️ Close to the airport

The charming town of Freising is a great option if you prefer staying near the airport. Accommodation options are plentiful and it’s perfect if you’re looking for something a little quieter. Be aware it’s in the far north of Munich and travel to the city centre will take 30–40 minutes.

The journey from Freising to the stadium takes approximately an hour by public transport.

👪 For families

If the match is all the excitement your family will need, then head home to your accommodation to unwind afterwards in the Haidhausen area. It is sometimes called the “French Quarter”, due to its resemblance to cities in France. Whilst it’s home to lovely cafes, boutiques, classical music and pretty houses, the area is still often overlooked by tourists.

The journey to the stadium takes about 40 minutes by public transport.

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