EURO on this day: 12 June

On this day: Only once in 17 EURO fixtures played on 12 June has a game been decided by more than one goal.

EURO On This Day: Classic goals from 12 June

England 0-1 Republic of Ireland
(Houghton 6)
 1988 group stage, Stuttgart

England were favourites against an Ireland side making a first appearance in a major final tournament. But the absence of the injured Terry Butcher put pressure on England's young central defenders, whose inexperience was exploited almost immediately.

Kevin Moran took a free-kick and hit it long, Ireland's main mode of attack. Mark Wright moved out to the right to cover, though contrived only to get in Gary Stevens's way. The ball fell to Tony Galvin, who hooked in a cross that Kenny Sansom miskicked up in the air and John Aldridge duly headed it to Liverpool club-mate Ray Houghton, whose own header looped beyond Peter Shilton. There were just six minutes on the clock.

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Other EURO fixtures on 12 June
1980 group stage: Belgium 1-1 England 
1980 group stage: Spain 0-0 Italy
1984 group stage: France 1-0 Denmark
1988 group stage: Netherlands 0-1 USSR
1992 group stage: Netherlands 1-0 Scotland 
1992 group stage: CIS 1-1 Germany 
2000 group stage: Germany 1-1 Romania 
2000 group stage: Portugal 3-2 England 
2004 group stage: Portugal 1-2 Greece
2004 group stage: Spain 1-0 Russia
2008 group stage: Croatia 2-1 Germany
2008 group stage: Austria 1-1 Poland
2012 group stage: Greece 1-2 Czech Republic
2012 group stage: Poland 1-1 Russia
2016 group stage: Turkey 0-1 Croatia
2016 group stage: Poland 1-0 Northern Ireland
2016 group stage: Germany 2-0 Ukraine