EURO on this day: 5 June

On this day: Italy earned a truly unique win against the USSR back in 1968 – after a coin toss.

Giacinto Facchetti with the trophy he picked up a week later - after a replay
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Italy 0-0 USSR (Italy win on coin toss)
1968 semi-finals, Naples

Knocked out of the 1966 FIFA World Cup by the Soviet Union, Italy found the same opponents blocking their path to the final of the 1968 UEFA European Championship – this time they were granted a fortuitous way through.

In a match played in bad weather throughout, chances were predictably few and far between, both teams showing steely defence throughout despite being hit by injuries. The teams had to be separated, however, and it was Italy who marched on to the showpiece after their captain, Giacinto Facchetti, called correctly in the dreaded coin toss. "I went up with the Russian captain," said Facchetti. "We went down to the dressing rooms together. The referee pulled out an old coin and I called tails."

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