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Jürgen Klopp exclusive: 'I like the spectacular'

"It was a special night – if you are really lucky, you get maybe ten in your life," Jürgen Klopp told UEFA.com as he discussed Liverpool's win over Dortmund and his football philosophy.

Klopp exclusive: My aim is to entertain

Jürgen Klopp took time out from his preparations for Liverpool's UEFA Europa League semi-final with Villarreal to look back at the Reds' dramatic quarter-final comeback against Dortmund.

The calm surroundings of the club's Melwood training ground were in stark contrast to the jubilant scenes at Anfield two weeks ago. Liverpool trailed Dortmund 3-1, before scoring in stoppage time to win 4-3 and reach the last four.

On Liverpool's amazing comeback ...

To be absolutely honest, I was fine with the draw, but when I looked at the clock then I thought: 'Oh, 77 minutes, there's a little bit to go!' I didn't expect it though – you cannot expect a wonder. When we scored again, it was more of a shock than a real joy. At the end, when I saw all the happy faces after the game, I knew it was a special night. You cannot have 500 of those. If you are a really lucky guy, you maybe get ten in your life.

On beating his former club Dortmund ...

See how Liverpool won Anfield thriller

The morning after the game was completely different because usually after a match like that, you wake up and you think: 'Oh great, what a wonderful thing.' This time I was not in the best shape, to be honest, and I had no real idea why, and then I realised: 'Ah yes, they lost.'

I had seven wonderful years at Dortmund and I knew how they felt. I knew what they would have done in the hotel and how it would have been when they woke up and all met for breakfast. I knew what the mood would have been like.

On his famous touchline habits ...

To be honest,  I have no real idea [why I do it]! It is completely different in different games. Not all the things I do really make sense, but sometimes it is for me so I feel better and feel involved and most of the time it is for the players.

On his coaching philosophy ...

Klopp's greatest Dortmund nights

I want my team to win – that is it. I want our game to be easy to enjoy, because I think the only real reason for football is to entertain the crowd. If they come twice and say it is boring, then they will think about whether they want to come again. We are a ball possession team, but nobody realises it because my image is pressing and counter-pressing.

When I was younger, I called it things like 'heavy metal football'. I have no idea any more why I said that. But I do like the spectacular. When I am in a room with people I try to make sure the atmosphere is not worse when I am there. When I am involved in a game, I try to help ensure it is more enjoyable than when I am not involved.

On Villarreal ...

They are a pretty strong team and are fourth in the Spanish league. They are having a wonderful season, they are a wonderful club in a small city. It is clear there are a lot of smart people behind their success. We have to play brave football. We are now in the semi-finals. We got there because we deserved it, and now we have to show we are strong enough to go through.