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Duda: Orlando magic key to Legia progress

Ondrej Duda thanked Orlando Sá for making his winner which took Legia Warszawa through while Vasyl Kobin was modest about his stunning strike for eliminated FC Metalist Kharkiv.

Legia proved too much for Metalist
Legia proved too much for Metalist ©AFP/Getty Images

Legia through and Metalist out after late Ondrej Duda goal seals 2-1 home comeback win
Duda thanks Orlando Sá for "magic touch"; Marek Saganowsk thrilled to qualify
Vasyl Kobin says spectacular overhead goal is something he does in training
Cristian Villagra hails Kobin goal and reflects on Metalist exit
Next games: Lokeren v Legia, Trabzonspor v Metalist (27 November)

Ondrej Duda, Legia midfielder
I would like to thank Orlando Sá for his great pass to me. He did it in such an intelligent way that the Metalist defenders did not know what to do, to mark him or to mark me. Thanks to Orlando's magic touch I went one to one with the Metalist goalkeeper and had no problem with the finish.

We feel really strong as even when we concede a goal, we are able to respond. It was good for us that we reacted so quickly, we needed just a few minutes to equalise.

Do I feel like Miroslav Radović who usually saves Legia by scoring important goals? No, I would not dare to compare myself to Rado. He is a Legia legend and I am not. I just scored in two games while Radović have done it in many more. But I don’t hide that I am very glad as I really helped my team in both matches against Metalist.

Marek Saganowski. Legia striker
I am very glad as I finally got the opportunity to play in the first team in the Europa League and I scored. We conceded our first goal in group stage, but sooner or later it was going to happen. The more important thing is that we showed character and were able to respond.

We have 12 points in four matches, that is not bad. During our game we were not interested in knowing the Lokeren-Trabzonspor result. We were focused on our job. Only after the final whistle we heard from the PA there was a draw there and that we had qualified.

Vasyl Kobin and Cristian Villagra
Vasyl Kobin and Cristian Villagra©AFP/Getty Images

Vasyl Kobin, Metalist midfielder
It was a great match and a great atmosphere at the stadium. I am sure people who came to watch this game were satisfied as they saw quick, nice football with plenty of chances for both teams.

I scored a bicycle-kick goal but it was not something totally new for me. I score such goals during training. I was not able to see the moment when the ball went into the net, I just saw my team-mates, who started to celebrate. Then I realised I had scored a good goal. It is difficult to say that this is one of the most beautiful goals in the Europa League as there are still many matches to be played and I am sure many good goals will be scored. Actually I am not celebrating this goal as my team did not qualify from the group.

To sum up our campaign in the Europa League: it is not like this that other teams were much better than Metalist. We lost matches in the dying minutes, we lacked concentration in very last moments of the game. This is the answer to the question of why we are out. We have no points at the moment, but we don't want to finish like this. I hope to get better results in two last matches so that our fans could feel some consolation.

Cristian Villagra, Metalist defender
That's football... We did not play badly, but we lost. I think Legia were better in the first half, and we were superior in the second. It is really a pity we lost despite scoring such a spectacular goal. I am sure there won’t be many such goals in Europe this season. I don't have any doub that Kobin's overhead kick is one of the greatest scored in European cups of late.

How to explain our unsuccessful campaign in the Europa League? Well, our team have changed a lot in recent months. We lost some important players, the situation in the country is very difficult and it is not easy for us to deal with that. But I don't lose hope, I still believe that we should work hard and focus on our job. Congratulations to Legia.

The Europa League final is played in their city and who knows? Maybe they will be able to take part in this event. These two matches showed their abilities. I am especially impressed by their No8. Ondrej Duda is a player with great future.